Check engine light: let Jeffrey's Automotive fix it!

A recent customer [who chose to post anonymously] recently shared his/her experience at Jeffrey’s Automotive:

“The staff at Jeffrey’s Automotive Repair are excellent at what they do. I took my car there for check engine light diagnostics during on a Friday afternoon. They diagnosed the problem and walked me through my options for repair step by step, even drawing a diagram for explanation and said they would get a quote. I left and by Monday afternoon they had called me with a quote. Service was all around very thorough and fast. Would recommend to anyone.”  


There is a reason why the check engine light is considered a “warning light” – let us run our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment on your vehicle so that we can find and fix the problem. If you are trying to get a state inspection, you will need to get the problem fixed before passing inspection.  Click below to make an appointment [or call 817-485-7340]:

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Carl from Haltom City gave Jeffrey's Automotive a raving review last month:

Carl from Haltom City gave Jeffrey’s Automotive a raving review last month:

I have been using Jefferies [sic] for 12 years. I was in a bind due to the fact that I had a differential problem, which could cost thousands and the only way to diagnose was to disassemble, then get a estimate which meant I was entirely trusting. Jefferies [sic] not only got me in the same day but completed the rebuild the next day! They completely disassembled my differential to be sure no other components were damaged and repaired at the price I was told before I commented. I can’t say how much I appreciate the honesty and quality I received.

Learn more about our ASE certified technicians and our differential service.

Call 817-495-7340 or click below:

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Fort Worth mechanic has reputation for being honest and trustworthy

Another recent customer of Jeffrey’s automotive makes the following statement as part of his positive review:

“Staff is always friendly. Just knowing you are leaving your car with people that have a reputation for being honest and trustworthy is worth the sometimes higher price.”

Trust is a claim that we try and never make about ourselves. The reality is that trustworthiness is all in the eye of our customers. Here are a few more recent comments:

  • Lea Williams, 09/11/14, North Richland Hills, via Demand Force – “Got great service, as always. The guys at Jeffrey’s are knowledgeable and always remember me and my car. I wouldn’t trust it to anybody else. Also, Jeffrey’s is a Christian based company. I like that!! Honesty and integrity are important.”
  • May Dixon, 09/11/14, Haltom City, via Demand Force – “Very professional and honest people! Trust them to take care of my car!!”
  • Joel Kielborn, 08/18/14, Keller, via Demand Force – “Jeffrey’s is the only place I trust to have work done on our cars.”
  • Daria Brown, 06/19/14, Fort Worth, via Angie’s List – “…I compared prices, & theirs was fair. I trust them & will always use them in the future.”
  • John St.John, 05/29/14, Keller, via Demand Force  – “HONEST! HONEST! HONEST! These people are not only honest, but very, very efficient at what they do. You can trust these folks to fix ONLY what truly needs fixing, and to do the job right the first time. You will not find a facility as good as this one.”

We are conveniently open:

Mon – Fri 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

We service customers from Watauga, Haltom City, Southlake, Roanoke, Keller, Arlington, Hurst, Bedford, North Richland Hills (NRH), and all over the greater Fort Worth area.
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Our 5 service writers are eager to help, so call or click to make an appointment:


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best brake repair in Fort Worth - Jeffrey's automotive

Justin Siddall, one of our customers who left us a glowing review on Demand Force, talked about coming in for brake repair service a year ago.  We love what he says about his experience:

“My brakes started grinding badly and I assumed they had burned through the pads unexpectedly quickly and now the rotors would need to be turned. Loe and behold I had an actual auto mechanic tell me a rock chip or something must have caused the grinding and there was no fix required and no charge. Most brake places would have done the work anyway and maybe tried to upsell me on something else too. I was pleased with their honesty as well as their politeness and professionalism. I just found my new mechanic.”


At Jeffrey’s Automotive, we do more than just brakes. But can perform the following services related to your car’s brakes:

  • Testing and inspection of pulls, noises, fading or other braking problems
  • ABS system testing, service or repair
  • Complete disc brake service or repair
  • Complete drum brake service or repair
  • Wheel cylinder and caliper replacement
  • Master cylinder service or repair
  • Parking brake service or repair
  • Brake rotors and drums
  • Machining
  • Power boosters
  • Brake fluid flush and service

We are conveniently open:

Mon – Fri 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

We service customers from Watauga, Haltom City, Southlake, Roanoke, Keller, Arlington, Hurst, Bedford, North Richland Hills (NRH), and all over the greater Fort Worth area.
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Our 5 service writers are eager to help, so call or click to make an appointment:


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Car AC repair in Fort Worth

Even if they say, statistically, this has been one of the mildest summers . . . well, we all know it’s still HOT in Texas!

As you navigate the roads of Fort Worth, Keller, North Richland Hills or any other surround communities, your car needs to be a cool zone! No sense sweating on the way to a friend’s house, to school or to church. Yuk!

If we can help service your car’s A/C, bring it in and let us have a look. We will do a full assessment of why your A/C is now blowing cold air – WE CAN FIX IT!

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Fort Worth female customer stunned by mechanic

Most of the time when you hear that a female customer walks into a mechanic shop and says she is “stunned“, well…..she might often critique the stereotype mechanic and the experience that some female customers have received at other automotive repair shops.

We love hearing from all of our customers about their good experience. This review from Christine Gladhill of Fort Worth recounts her “stunning” experience at our shop. Here is an excerpt of her review:

“Andy was very nice over the phone and again in person. The service was amazingly quick and I was literally stunned when I was not charged! It made me feel as though this shop would not lie to me or attempt to gouge me and being female, that can be a problem at too many shops.”

Thank you Christine for your kind words and your continued business.  Click here for another review from a female customer who was so thrilled with her experience she told her _______ (read the article to find out who).

1000 reviews of an honest Fort Worth mechanic

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Watauga customer: Jeffrey's Automotive Repair: Mechanic

Customers find our automotive repair shop when they are searching Google for brake repair, alignment, custom exhaust, diesel service and so much more. But we often get new customers from referrals from other auto care businesses such as Discount Tire.

The picture is a snapshot of a recent review from a Watauga resident who reviewed our site on Google. She mentions several key elements of your good mechanic experience:

  1. VALUE:  “definitely worth the money”
  2. OPENNESS: “they were even kind enough to take me into their garage to show me the parts that were broken on my car.”
  3. REFERRABLE: “I’ll definitely be returning for future auto care here.”

We love reviews like this and we get them every week from customers all over the Southlake, Keller, North Richland Hills, Saginaw and greater Fort Worth area!  [see more customer reviews here]

How can we help you?  Click below for an appointment:

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State Inspection Due – August 2014

Check your vehicle’s inspection sticker date. If the dates resemble the image above, it’s time for your vehicle’s state inspection – if you live in Fort Worth, Keller, Watauga, North Richland Hills and surrounding areas of NE Tarrant County, let us get your vehicle inspected and back on the road!

If you’re check engine light is on, your vehicle cannot pass state inspection. So come on in and let us take a look, find the codes, and get it repaired. Sometimes it may just be a small thing! And you don’t want to be pulled over in your kid’s school zone because of an outdated state inspection (imagine the embarrassment your teenager would feel!)

So remember, inspection due = August 2014!

Call 817-485-7340 for an appointment.

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For those who still have to manually turn on your headlights, do you turn them only once it’s too dark to see OR do you turn them on earlier to be seen?

It is important to realize that your headlights allow other drivers to see you, especially at sundown when it is difficult to see.  You may think you can see the cars ahead, another vehicle may not see you coming.

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Two Fort Worth customers name Jeffrey's as honest mechanics

While we have received thousands of positive reviews from customers, occasionally a customer will not wish to reveal their name in their review (but they review us via Demand Force which is part of our customer management system so we know they are actual customers).  Here are two individuals earlier this month who did not reveal their identity but both complimented us on the exact same thing:


We are humbled by our customers who recognize how we have been treating our customers for 35 years!

[click to view larger image]

REVIEWS: Two Fort Worth customers name Jeffrey's as honest mechanics


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