Kristi Cantrell

Google, 04/18/2019


George Holcombe

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Jodi McBrayer

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Harold Skillot

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Marcy Williams

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Marcy Williams Tamez

Facebook, 04/12/2019


Cynthia Baker

Google, 04/11/2019

The staff was very courteous and helpful. I felt like u could really trust these guys. Its apparent why they have been operating successfully for 40 years. Definitely going to use these guys in the future.


Jason Cox

Google, 04/11/2019

Straight shooters and to the point professionals. Clean and timely. Great work!!


Bryon Swain

Google, 04/10/2019

I work for an HVAC contractor out of Southlake, and I am more than willing to take all of our trucks to Watauga just to have Jeffery’s work on them. The service is quick, detailed, and affordable. Hard to find shops like this nowadays!


Jared Thompson

Google, 04/10/2019

Drove by Jeffrey’s many of times. This was my first time to use them. From the time that I walked in until the time that I pick up my vehicle I was 100% satisfied. Everybody was super nice, professional, Priced Right. Thank you so very much.


Keith Emery

Google, 04/07/2019



Cole Tribble

Google, 04/05/2019



Angela Serrano

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DAnn Allison

Google, 04/03/2019

Job completed timely and correctly.


Dean Lancon

Google, 04/03/2019

Great service fair prices and these folks try to be as honest as they possibly can


AFrame Wind Kits

Google, 04/02/2019

Jeffrey is a great guy and a great worker. He has saved me throughout every car problem I have had yet, and always tries to keep me as informed as possible on how my car is doing. Overall a great place with great prices.


Trey Tomlin

Google, 04/02/2019

Dropped in with an engine problem with my van Was in and out in less than 90 min. Terrific service, have used them for over 10 years.


Kathy Sanderson

Google, 03/27/2019

Bright a car in to have it inspected pre-purchase. I usually do my own inspections but I was too far away from my shop. I was really impressed by their speed of service and depth of knowledge. They brought me or to the shop to show me the issues that they had found, and advised me if the future consequences if I did decide to purchase the car. I would happily make these guys my home shop if I were closer to them.


Mike Repenning

Google, 03/27/2019

I could tell my van had a wheel bearing problem. It was late Thursday and I was very concerned because it’s a wheelchair van for my daughter and I needed to get it fixed ASAP. I called Jeffrey’s Automotive and they were able to take it in first thing Friday morning and have it fixed the same day. I am so thankful they understood my dilemma and were able to help me out in such a timely fashion. I will continue to use them in the future!


Kathleen Mitchell

Google, 03/27/2019

I’ve been trying different garages over the years and I’m finally done trying new places thanks to these guys. Super nice, very good at keeping open communications, and getting the job done right the first time.


Andrew K.

Google, 03/27/2019

First time customer! Absolutely satisfied with the alignment they did on my car. I had a 230 appointment but showed up at 1 thanks to Discount tire hustling. They did let me know that they wouldn’t get to my car early most likely since they were busy. They ended up starting 15 minutes early and I was done by 2:45. Just 15 minutes after my schedule appointment was supposed to begin. I would absolutely consider them for any work needed and I will most likely be back.


James Smith

Google, 03/27/2019

I love this place, not only are the service techs extremely knowledgeable, the staff is caring and truly concerned about each and every customer!


Gigi McMoy

Google, 03/27/2019

This place was recommended by a friend. They have been in business 40 years and it shows. Excellent customer service, fair pricing and the work was done quickly with no extra charges. Thank you to everyone for making an unpleasant situation a pleasant experience


Sharon Miles

Google, 03/27/2019

Fast ,brakes an oil change in a hour .good shop to get repairs done .friendly service .


Don Caughron

Google, 03/22/2019

Michael Mobley (front office liaison) & Steven (Diesel Mech) were both great Diesel Liaisons to me. Only thing was I elected to pull my truck back & fix myself, but they did indeed promptly & thoroughly troubleshoot her for me. They will indeed stay my Diesel Guys!!! MARKO -USMC RETIRED


Mark Cedillo

Google, 03/22/2019

Quick no nonsense and professional. Did the repair to my truck with no issues. Went to them because Discount Tire snapped a stud while rotating my tires and Discount Tire in Keller sent me there for the repair. Yes they payed for it.


Keith Simpson

Google, 03/22/2019

This is the only place I take my Super Duty.


M Shelton

Google, 03/22/2019

Great customer service . Great chairs . Great service !


Austin Hawk

Google, 03/22/2019

For being our first time customer, I love this place right away.. very nice guys and great customer service. We went for my daughter’s car inspection and they gave us more maintenance care. I have recommended this place to my family and friends


Diana Favila

Google, 03/21/2019

I was referred to this place by discount tire and let me tell you, they are awesome. I scheduled my appointment a few days ahead since they were booked. When I got there, they wasted no time. I was sitting for maybe 30-45 minutes before they came back and said they were done. In that time they checked the alignment, the brakes, the tires and did a oil change. The guy behind the counter, I didn’t get his name but he was an older gentleman, walked me through everything. Said my best course would be to get the tires balanced before I considered anything else. They were cheap, efficient, kind and thorough. Everything you need in a place like that!


Violeta Yokiama

Google, 03/19/2019

Fast service and everyone was very friendly! I will definitely be using them again and have even referred my sister to Jeffrey’s.


The Cedillo

Google, 03/18/2019

Fast no waiting awesome customer service I will refer anybody


Lakeda Washington

Google, 03/16/2019

Prompt and excellent service!


Lynn Sulak

Google, 03/15/2019

Wonderful and vey polite friendly group of people great customer service thank you so much. I really enjoyed their service

Lois Nelson

Google, 03/15/2019

Very friendly and they make things right even if not fixed the first time around.


Mary Vandecar

Google, 03/15/2019

I’ve been taking my car to Jeffrey’s for all my car maintenance for 3 years. They are courteous and honest and very professional. I can depend on them to keep me safe and my car on the road. Highly recommend Jeffrey’s for all your automotive needs.

Shelia Caraway

Google, 03/09/2019

Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Gabriel Montalvo

Google, 03/09/2019

I made an appointment for an alignment and got there at 20 minutes before my appointment and 10 minutes later they already took it back and they were done within about 40 minutes. All the personnel there is very friendly as well. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Beth Sparks

Facebook, 03/08/2019

Nora Hosley

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Donna Kooken

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Sharon Mas

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Teresa Yosten

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Lauralee Golightly

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Tom Buie

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Trisana Sofia

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Trisana Sofia

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Beth Kirthi

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Ben Ramirez

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Dottie Frazier

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Lauralee Golightly

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Donald Russell

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Chris Loving

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Keith Panuska

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Ellen Hobbs

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Carolyn Little

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Kia Anderson

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Margaret Gallagher

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Rich Pavelka

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Daniel Andrade

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Barbara Rough

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Becky Smith

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Taylor Gulley

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Steven Barnes

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Dallas Rettig

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Keely Kinder

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Haley Head

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Shane Miller

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Joanna Ashlock

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Dan Davenport

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Ryan Ferrill

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Bubba Lescovensky

via Google, 01/23/2019

Great service and I love the Christian music playing in the waiting area. Thank you Jesus!


Charr Gahagan

via Facebook, 01/23/2019

First time customer, I went there because somebody highly recommended them. I got there without appointment to change my oil, a gentleman, Toni Aspero at front greeted me kindly and checked me in really fast. Besides oil change, I asked him to check my breaks, and he said “absolutely”. They were done super fast, they didn’t try to sell me extra things, they told me my breaks were perfect. Plus it wasn’t expensive at all, they offered a coupon and I was just so happy with the whole experience! I could feel the honesty and I could hear how the personnel there was treating all the others customers the same way! Thanks Jeffrey’s.


Nancy Castorena Aleman

via Facebook, 01/23/2019

Very good service

Victor Rivera

via Facebook, 01/21/2019

Mr. Roy was my service Liaison First and foremost Mr. Roy that you for treating me like a human not just a women because everybody know that we get taken to the clear we when it come to our auto and repair shops Oh but not this one Mr.Roy took me back and showed me the problem with my truck he didn’t just tell me but let my own eyes see that there was a big problem. There was at no time any pressure any hard selling or rush to get it done right then and there. Although it needed it to be done but with all that being said I truly appreciate Mr.Roy for his kindness knowledge sincere approach to me about my truck forever a customer now. Thank you

Trishelle Works

via Google, 01/21/2019

Quick, prompt, and courteous. Will be back. Again and again

Michael Hastings

via Google, 01/19/2019

Fast, fair, and friendly!

Amy Smith

via Google, 01/19/2019

Fantastic service and fantastic customer service

Rod Rickert

via Google, 01/19/2019

Prompt and courteous and priced right

Cindy Heidrich

via Google, 01/19/2019

Trust. It’s all about trust. Jeffrey’s will do the work you need. And they always do it well. If you don’t need it, they won’t do it. That’s why I take my car to Jeffrey’s.

Doug Wood

via Facebook, 01/18/2019

Great service provided. Thanks Tony for your help! I will back.

Vicki Mann

via Google, 01/17/2019

Always friendly, thorough, and priced honestly! Thank you

Todd Lacey

via Google, 01/15/2019

Always friendly, thorough, and priced honestly! Thank you

DJ Lee

via Google, 01/11/2019


Denise Rhodes

via Google, 01/11/2019

Very friendly and great service. Took care of the issue in less than 24 hours. Suggested some updates to our cars computers, and the car runs a lot smoother now. Thank you! P.S. Love how you attach the coupons to the receipt envelope but I hope I never need any collision repair. If I do, I will def take advantage of the free detail. 😉

Madison Rhea

via Google, 01/11/2019

Excellent service, excellent quality, and overall seamless, affordable service. I only went in to get my truck aligned and it drives perfect now. And turns out the mechanic noticed that my brakes were pretty squishy which I never really thought about, but when I drove my truck home, my brakes felt brand new. I will never take my truck to a different shop. Thank you Jeffrey’s!

Chase Warner

via Google, 01/10/2019

I was referred to Jeffrey’s to correct an issue on my recently purchased used vehicle. I was glad I was pointed that direction! Not only was the work done at a reasonable price, I was able to set an appointment and wait on my car. The staff was friendly and helpful. The work was done quickly and the wait was not long. If you are looking for a reliable auto repair in the Keller, Alliance, Watauga area, I gladly recommend seeing the guys at Jeffrey’s Automotive.

David Galvan

via Google, 01/09/2019

The dealership told me I needed $2,300 of repairs… I was suspicious. Took it to Jeffrey’s. Out of the 5 items the dealership wanted to repair, Jeffrey’s found only 1 item that was actually in need. That 1 item was half the price the dealership wanted. Overall, Jeffrey’s saved me $2,000 in unneeded and/or overpriced repairs.

Bradley Oetman

via Google, 01/09/2019

I was in a wreck that was extremely frustrating. I took my Jeep to Jeffrey’s and they were great! I never felt like they were trying to cheat me and they were actually able to help save me a couple hundred in repairs. Not only does my Jeep drive normally again but it looks flawless as well!

a g

via Google, 01/08/2019

Prompt and courteous. Very honest and fair pricing. Appreciate the option of a non-dealer service professional

Nathan McMahon

via Google, 01/05/2019

Great & quick!

Victoria Negrete

via Google, 01/04/2019

Jeffrey’s always gives a good value and an honest, straightforward assessment.

Bryan Sewell

via Google, 01/01/2019

They are amazing. they keep you informed. they also don’t do any unnecessary repairs. they fix only what is needed and charge reasonable prices. they are very ethical and qualified in doing their work

Cindy Dake Hague

via Facebook, 01/01/2019

I am from Lubbock, TX. My brother in law referred me. I didn’t have any problems getting my car fixed the same day to make it back home.

Baseball my life

via Google, 12/31/2018

Professional service that knows Power-stroke Diesel engines! I like these guys more and more every time I bring my truck here for service. They’re always able to get me in quickly and complete the work as agreed in the quote.

Buddy Smith

via Google, 12/29/2018

Jeffery’s automotive saves us a lot of money and was great! Very nice and got it done very fast!

Alex Williams Williams

via Google, 12/29/2018

Service was excellent! Tony treated me like family, and thanks to him, and the rest of the staff, I will never take my vehicle to another shop.


via Google, 12/28/2018

Super great work. A friendly and honest experience. Thank you Jeffrey’s.

Steven Chambless

via Google, 12/28/2018

Fast, friendly service! They are great! Very competitive prices and great service. I highly recommend Jeffrey’s Automotive!

Cheryl Siedel

via Google, 12/27/2018

Speedy service. They got me in for an appointment last minute on the same day I called. I’m appreciative of their hospitality!


via Google, 12/27/2018

Very Friendly and courteous! Pricing is very fair!

Michael Harrison

via Google, 12/27/2018

Fantastic job yesterday on my alignment and wheel repair. Under the estimate and they didn’t push selling me other services. We discussed options, but it was all about just keeping me informed. Well done team Jeffrey’s, I’ll be back.

Al Muglach

via Google, 12/22/2018

Roy was awesome. Got my alignment tested and completed in about 45min (15min faster than they originally estimated!) and now my car drives silky smooth.

Timothy Tripp

via Google, 12/22/2018

Don’t go to the dealer, come to Jeffrey’s Automotive instead. These guys were pretty quick to fix up my car. They were honest and upfront with what needed to be fixed and were very professional. It only took two days to fix my Mustang, which in my experience would have taken the dealer 2 weeks or more. In short, if you have a car problem these guys will take care of you and your car.

Alex Hernandez

via Google, 12/21/2018

Fast oil change on son’s car. Great professional service!

Dana Proffer

via Google, 12/20/2018

Great place with honest pricing. Take your car in with the confidence they will take care of you whether traveling or a resident. Thanks y’all.

Keith Massey

via Google, 12/20/2018

They are very personal, attentive, and knowledgeable… and although not everything went smooth and perfect, they bent over backwards to make sure I was taken care of expediently. I felt heard and valued and they made it right quickly. I will definitely use them again and I highly recommend them. Rarely does everything go perfect, the truth of who the company is can be seen in how they respond when it doesn’t. KUDO’S TO MY WHOLE TEAM!!

Barbara Shirkey

via Google, 12/19/18

This is a very professional very classy establishment. They say what they mean and do what they say. This will be my go to auto mechanic from now on. Hey guys, get some golf and hunting magazines in the waiting room 😉. Thanks!

Jeffrey Mitchel

via Google, 12/15/18

I have taken my vehicle to Jeffrey’s since 2013. When I’ve taken it in they make sure that I know of any and all issues with the vehicle and what to watch out for. They are very honest and I always recommend them to my friends and family.

Michael Bolton

via Google, 12/15/18

Jeffrey’s is a name I trust. My husband and I always take our cars here when there is something we can’t figure out on our own. Many times, when the car trouble is diagnosed, my husband can fix what is needed and Jeffrey’s never pushes us into having them fix it. They give sound advice and we will continue to use them in the future.

Allie Brown

via Google, 12/14/18

This was my first visit to this shop. I was there to get an alignment after replacing wheels and tires. Since I had them done at Discoint Tire, Jeffery’s gave me $30 off the alignment service. I’ll definitely be back for maintenance services

A Moore

via Google, 12/14/18

Only went in for state inspection but service was friendly and got me out faster than initially stated so was very happy!

Carey Johnson

via Google, 12/14/18

I made an appointment for the next day for a wheel alignment and state inspection. Roy greeted me promptly. He listened intently as I provided a little history of my situation. It took longer than I thought it should and was told, but everyone (customers as well) were very friendly, so the time passed fairly quickly. I would definitely recommend trying Jeffrey’s to others.

Stephen Papathopoulos

via Google, 12/11/18

I had to get 4 new tires for my vehicle so I went to Discount Tires. They gave me a coupon for an alignment at Jeffrey’s Automotive. At first I was a bit hesitant since I’ve always taken my car for the past 10 years to the dealership to get serviced but I thought I would give them a try. I googled them and they had very good reviews. The service was excellent over the phone and in person. I never felt like they were trying to rip me off or fix something that did not need fixing. I even had the headlights restored, which needed to be done. Looked like new. They were definitely cheaper than the dealership. I would take my vehicle again to Jeffrey’s Automotive.

Elizabeth Dunphy

via Google, 12/11/18

Awesome and honest people. Take care of the problem. I highly recommend Jeffrey’s.

Mark Smith

via Google, 12/04/18

Their scheduling was good. Started service promptly. Repair was handled quickly with a clear explanation of what was done. Would recommend them.

Michael Mobley

via Google, 12/01/18

Exact, prompt, and courteous service. Got just what I asked for, and an explanation with no pressure (just honesty) of any additional or suggested maintenance to my vehicle. Service and prices the dealer cannot and will match. Definitely piece of mind knowing my vehicle maintenance is in the right hands…

Mark Oliver

via Google, 12/01/18

Honest and fast, makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning! I will continue to use them and highly recommend them!

Gloria Rice

via Google, 11/29/18

Very friendly and able to fix car same day

Jill Simpson

via Google, 11/29/18


great service! will use again!

D Patterson

via Google, 11/26/18

Went to Jeffrey’s for a four wheel alignment. They were half the cost of other places. Highly recommend!

Donald Porter

via Google, 11/22/18

So professional and kind. They were recommended to me and I would do the same. Seems like a well-run shop.

Elaine Johnson

via Google, 11/22/18

They did a great job. I went in for an alignment. They were super busy but it still didn’t take that long, and afterwards I could tell my steering was perfectly straight, and I don’t notice any more unusual tire wear so far. Also, it was significantly cheaper than many other places.

Tyler Yarasi

via Google, 11/22/18

Great prices! Much lower than any other automotive place.

Sherry Anderson

via Google, 11/17/18

Always willing to help and perform top notch work.

Tom McElwee

via Google, 11/17/18

Very professional, the only place I bring the four cars in my family!

Curt Miles

via Google, 11/17/18

I loved the Christian music! I was very satisfied with the work they did and I’d recommend it to anybody!

Linda Carter

via Google, 11/16/18

Jeffrey’s is always extremely professional and does the car work well. I stopped by to get my oil changed and look over my tires and brakes and there was going to be a hefty wait time, so my advisor recommended making an appointment later in the day. I showed up for my appointment and was finished within a little over an hour. I’ll be back!!

Scott Eargle

via Google, 11/15/18

Great service

Creig Wyatt

via Google, 11/14/18

Have used Jeffrey’s for a few years now and I always recommend them to anyone asking for a good automotive repair shop. Everyone there is nice and friendly. They always get my repair done on time and at the best price around! Highly recommend Jeffrey’s automotive!!!

Sherrie Draper

via Google, 11/14/18

Got an alignment for my car. It was quick, an extremely reasonable price for an alignment, and my car drives so very much better! Overall, they did an amazing job.

Scotty Smith

via Google, 11/14/18

They really care and help try to get you the lowest rate.

Joe Torres

via Google, 11/14/18

They do it all. $45 for an alignment was half of what other shops charge and they were done in just over an hour. Definitely going back. Thanks so much!!

Chris Zarwell

via Facebook, 11/08/18

They do an amazing job fixing your cars

Ann Margaret

via Facebook, 11/08/18

They did a fantastic job, didn’t try to do work not required. Not like other shops. Will be back when repairs are needed.

Chuck Williams

via Google, 11/08/18

These guys are great

Lynn Byars

via Google, 11/06/18

Good and friendly service

Freddy Lopez

via Google, 11/03/18


This is a amazing place. Staff is very friendly and if there is something wrong with your car they will find it. They are fast in service and very knowledgeable. They work with you and update you on what as the problem is or could be I highly recommend this Automotive Center, that is if you are looking for honest and reliable services.

Dennis Zickefoose

via Google, 10/31/18


Great Service

David Malone

via Google, 10/30/18


Professional. Efficient and fair priced

Lynn Hassis

via Google, 10/29/18


Friendly, Good, fast service

Amy Hunt

via Google, 10/27/18


Family owned and operated business. Extremely friendly staff. They will give you all the options available to repair your vehicle. They will NEVER scam or rip you off by unnecessary repairs!

Timoteo Djloki Aldape

via Facebook, 10/26/18


I was recommended to go here by Discount Tire. I was able to get an appointment within a day and they were amazing from the minute I got there. They walked me out to show me what was causing the trouble and explained everything to me. He got me a price and helped make sure I got it as soon as I could. I will be using them from now on!

Sara Krueger

via Google, 10/25/18


Did exactly what that said they would do. Got great results. Would definitely recommend them.

Joseph Sackerson

via Google, 10/23/18


Long wait, but worth it.

Justin Thompson

via Google, 10/23/18


The staff are friendly and helpful.

Donna Rutherford

via Google, 10/18/18


I always bring my cars to This family owned Christian business. They are efficient, know what they are doing and charge a fair price. Quite refreshing in today’s automotive repair world to have a shop you can trust not to rip you off. Thanks.

Michael Leone

via Google, 10/18/18


I highly recommend Jeffrey’s Automotive! I thought I needed over $300 worth of work on my suspension. They inspected my vehicle at no charge and told me I didn’t need the work when they could’ve easily taken my money and done unnecessary repairs. It’s refreshing to experience such honesty in this world today. They are quick, professional, friendly, and honest. They won me over as a customer!

Michelle Mayone

via Google, 10/17/18


Love these guys. Not only did they come up with a better idea than what I had, the price came in cheaper and was done quicker than they said. Definitely recommend them.

Paul B

via Google, 10/13/18


I don’t think that I could have found a better place to have my automotive needs done at a more honest and caring establishment. And a special shout out to Michael, thanks again.

Larry Peacock

via Google, 10/13/18


Excellent service, customer service, and pricing. Worth the extra driving for me to come see y’all from where I am. Thank you.

Marilynn Biggers

via Google, 10/13/18


Excellent service by professionals who know what they’re doing!

Glen Morgan

via Google, 10/12/18


The sales staff was courteous and professional. They listened to my input and handled the process with ease. The service from the mechanic was prompt and professional and the work appears to be excellent. Like I’ve always said, “Good stuff ain’t cheap, and cheap stuff ain’t good”!


Don Lambert

via Google, 10/12/18


They did a great job – got me in the same day, explained what was needed and only charged me what they needed to for the work, didn’t nickel and dime me or find extra stuff wrong. Were very professional and helpful. Waiting area was nice and they had drinks for people and WiFi.


Michelle Hall

via Google, 10/11/18


I was referred by Discount Tire and I love how 2 businesses support one another. I was even given a coupon from the tire store to be used at Jeffreys. As a new resident here. It felt absolutely wonderful to have received excellent service. I went for an oil change and was out within 30 minutes. Every staff seemed very professional and wanting to help each customer. They even have a Spanish interpreter for those not fully understanding English. Great job Jeffreys Auto, I will be back. If you ever need a pie look me up at Mary D lee Kitchen.


Mary Lee

via Google, 10/09/18


I was offered a very helpful and inexpensive service for my minivan today and I’m very thankful for the friendly and helpful staff at Jeffrey’s.


Charley Taylor

via Google, 10/07/18


We love Jeffery’s Automotive. It’s nice to be treated fairly and honestly. Everyone is friendly and polite. We have been using Jeffery’s Automotive for several years and will continue to do so.


Janice Martin

via Google, 10/06/18



Toua Lo

via Google, 10/05/18



Wade LaFollett

via Google, 10/05/18



Robert Cole

via Google, 10/03/18



Nicole Smith

via Google, 10/03/18



R Nicodemus

via Google, 10/03/18



Anita Matlock Saad

via Facebook, 09/29/18



Prathom Quinram

via Google, 09/29/18



Brian Gventer

via Google, 09/28/18



BJ Schwitzer

via Google, 09/28/18

always friendly, timely and reasonable



Gloria Sherman

via Facebook, 09/22/18

Jeffrey’s Automotive was recommended to me by my boss. I don’t know much about cars and car repair, and of course my van started giving me trouble while my husband was deployed. I was worried I’d be taken advantage of, or it would be an extremely expensive fix. From start to finish, Michael was fantastic to work with. He was kind, and explained everything well without making me feel like he was talking down to me. Then he told me he had one more thing to check on my van, and if it was what he thought, it was going to be the cheapest and fastest option. Turns out it was my thermostat and the housing that had cracked and all my coolant had leaked out. Not only did they replace the thermostat and refill my coolant, but they thoroughly inspected my engine to make sure no other damage had been done. They made sure that as a military wife and mom-on-her-own-for-now I would be safe in my car. I can’t thank them enough for their support of our situation and the security I left with. It was such an easy and painless process. I know that we will definitely be back the next time something goes wrong on our vehicles.



Anita King

via Google, 09/21/18

They did excellent work, the price was what quoted, and work completed earlier than thought. I would highly recommend this company



Mike Martin

via Facebook, 09/21/18

It was a great experience! The service was fairly priced and they did a great job. I’ll be returning in the future for other repairs and service as needed.



Brandon Johnson

via Google, 09/18/18

They always do a good job and they really explain the problem, why it needs to be fixed and how they’re going to fix it.



Bill Edmond

via Google, 09/18/18

This business was referred to me since I’m from the Houston area. I cannot express enough just how GREAT Jeffery’s Automotive is! From the immediate A+ Customer Service to the service itself! Genuine honest staff and work performed! I also left a review on their Facebook page! I completely recommend Jeffrey’s Automotive! Thank you-Jeffery’s!



Mary Evans

via Google, 09/18/18

Friendly and courteous customer service – helped me prioritize several needed but costly repairs. Recommend them and will be back



Cynthia Williams

via Google, 09/16/18

Everyone was very helpful and I would recommend highly Jeffrey’s



Kelli Vongkhaophet

via Google, 09/13/18

Best customer service and care I have ever experienced! Explained everything well. Fast in. Fast out. Best ever!



Wanda Lancaster

via Google, 09/12/18

They did a great job and had my car in and out in 1 hour. Thanks Tony



Stephanie Serrano

via Facebook, 09/08/18

They told me exactly what the issue was and presented me with all the options so I could make the best decision. I will be heading here from now on for my automotive needs.




Andrew Daniel

via Google, 09/08/18

Excellent service and personal care!




Ronald Short

via Google, 09/08/18

Jeffrey’s Automotive is a business who cares about their customers needs. I’ve experienced in the past and recent visits and find the service department employees as courteous who go above and beyond than most repair shops. Special thanks to Danny who helped taking care of my car issues!




Yolanda Gonzales

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Nancy Baku

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Jessica Munroe

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Ricky Ricardo

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Dionisia Moreno

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These guys are great! Ask for Tony, great guy and great service!!! Known him for ever.

Austin Lindquist

via Google, 08/10/18

Jeffrey’s Automotive is staffed with friendly, courteous, skilled, and HONEST people. My wife and I have been going here for about a year now and every time we are more impressed. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Anthony T

via Google, 08/10/18

Very friendly family oriented staff! They always fix the necessary items and make any upcoming service suggestions without any pressure! You are always in control if and when you want repairs! I have been going to Jeffrey’s Automotive for over 20 years!

DJ Timoteo

via Google, 08/09/18

Good work at a reasonable price. Friendly staff. The work I had done included a wheel alignment. I appreciate the follow up explaining, and showing my tire measurements before and after alignment. I’ve had tires aligned before but never had anyone do that elsewhere.


via Google, 08/08/18

I was very happy with my service. I was treated kindly and respectfully. It took awhile, but it was very busy so, that’s expected. I didn’t mind. I will certainly return. They put windshield wiper fluid in and aired my low tire without me even asking. I thought that was very nice. – Susan from Keller


Susan Fischer

via Google, 08/08/18

I was referred to Jeffrey’s Automotive by Discount Tire. I’m sure glad they referred me to Jeffrey’s because the exception customer service! Michael was my service advisor and he did a great job making the claim through my extended warranty company, getting the repair done and they had to keep my car for several days because I left for a trip while it was being repaired. They are professional and the facility is clean. I also love that they fix anything and everything! One stop shop.



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Professional, timely and reasonably priced.


Bryan Thompson

via Google, 08/08/18

Extremely fast and knowledgeable staff


Spencer Colglazier

via Google, 08/07/18

Amazing place. Sales person Roy was very helpful and explained the service needed to me. I would definitely go back there.


Marcelo Fleitas

via Google, 08/07/18

Been using Jeffrey’s for years. Will continue to do so as they provide quality, honest work.


Lowell Martin

via Google, 08/07/18

Good place.


Bre Hansen

via Google, 08/06/18

Nice customer service


Kiran Mahat

via Google, 08/04/18

Friendly people, quick service. Roy was excellent and explained everything! My husband and I will be returning, definitely!


Tina Cavazos

via Google, 08/03/18

I go to Jeffrey’s Automotive for all of my repairs. I have an older model truck that they have done extensive front end work on and I am very satisfied with their staff, their service, and their work. I highly recommend them.


Randel Bird

via Google, 08/03/18

This shop is honest, has fair prices and get repair completed in a timely fashion. I would recommend to others to give this repair shop a try.


Bennie Bazley

via Google, 08/03/18

I came in to get an alignment done on my 2006 Chevy SSR They were great ! Spoke to me about the changes I wanted to make (different than Chevy spec) They did a great job and it drives true to track I will definitely come back for other work


Luke Vermeulen

via Google, 08/01/18

Accommodating, knowledgeable and friendly service


Maria Scoma

via Google, 07/27/18