AC Service for Your Car - Jeffrey's Automotive - Christian Mechanic - North Fort Worth

During the hot Texas heat, you may be feeling the heat outside AND inside  your car.  That’s just not cool!

However, many assume they can recharge their AC system at home.  While some expert technicians may have the expertise to do this themselves, Andy Jeffrey, service writer for Jeffrey’s Automotive, offers this advice:

“I would not recommend recharging your system yourself.  If it is low you could have a leak in the system and you could be wasting a lot of time and money if your system is leaking out freon as you charge it up.”

Jeffrey’s Automotive charges $34 to perform an AC performance test for your vehicle ($15-$25 cheaper than other national auto repair franchises).  If your system needs to be re-charged, the cost is $34 (ac performance test) plus the cost of refrigerant.

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