Jeffrey’s employs two Hunter 811 Laser Wheel Alignment Systems on site ensuring our customers a precision alignment.At Jeffrey’s Automotive, we perform front-end alignment for customers from Keller, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Watauga and all over the greater Fort Worth area.  One of the most common services we perform is front-end alignment.

Due to the wide variety of front and rear suspension systems, the cost of alignments vary greatly depending on the type of alignment needed, if your car has been aligned before, or if it requires special shims to bring the alignment into specifications.

Proper alignment geometry will extend not only tire life but also the life of your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems. Alignment problems even affect fuel economy!

If you need an alignment, call us at 817-485-7340.  If you are not sure, drop in and we will perform an alignment check on your vehicle to tell you whether you need an alignment or not.

Here are reviews of two customers who just recently had alignment work done at our auto repair shop.  Jerry Hayford, North Richland Hills, says: “Reasonable, honest and fast. They told me exactly what needed to be done, they did not pressure me and tell me that I had to do all the work. I came in for an alignment and found out that i needed to get a few other things done, i could not afford the other things at the time and they went ahead and did the alignment for me anyway.”  Ariel Irianto from Keller shares her experience: “So I came in wanting alignment done and first thing off the bat, my car is lowered. The ramp was pretty steep and they actually used blocks to properly get it on the ramp without damaging or scraping my bumper. That was a BIg plus in my book. I got detailed information about the alignment and such and the employees were really helpful and kind. Best place and cheapest place thus far for alignment and I’d be comin[sic] here for sure again.”

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Keller and NRH customers find good experience at alignment shop