Are you heading out on a summer road trip? One way to save wear on your tires is to ensure you vehicle is aligned (plus, a vehicle out of alignment can reduce your gas mileage as well).

    You might need an alignment on your vehicle if:

    • your vehicle leans or drifts to one side,
    • your steering wheel seems off-center, or
    • you have uneven tire wear.

    Some causes of your wheels being out of alignment might be:

    • if you run into a pothole,
    • if you accidentally hit a curb, or
    • if it has been a long time since your last alignment (if it’s been over a year, come see us!)

    Proper alignment will extend not only life of your car’s tires, but also the life of your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems. And yes, alignment problems even affect fuel economy!

    Jeffrey’s employs two Hunter 811 Laser Wheel Alignment Systems on site ensuring our customers a precision alignment. We can help you eliminate the worry when it comes to your suspension system. Our Technicians use the latest technology and equipment to help your vehicle run smooth and safe!

    Why Do Cars Need An Alignment - Jeffrey Automotive Employs Hunter Alignment Systems for the Perfect Alignment