Very good people to work on any vehicle.


Jerry Forbes

June 19 via Google

Very good people to work on any vehicle.


Jerry Forbes

June 19 via Google

Having to have unexpected auto repairs is never a positive experience, but the crew at Jeffrey’s did everything right. Process started at 0900 and I drove out at 1600 same day. Professional folks here, with no unnecessary fees.


Darryl Wright

June 18 via Google

Our work vehicle was out of town and they made us priority! Helpful in all aspects, fixed a tedious job in 1 day and got us on the road. Wish they were in my State because they would become our primary mechanics! Greatful for them being prompt, compassionate and courteous!
Ariel Williams

June 15 via Google

I like the service quick and straight forward no hidden charge.
The Do

June 15 via Google

This place is great they are fast and budget friendly with great service I take both my vehicles to them when needed
Bianca Solis

June 13 via Google

I did not have an appointment but needed service on my Jeep while I waited. I watched as a continuous line of people poured in the door. Even though extremely busy, they had my car done in a very short time. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job on my car. From the number of people bringing in cars, they must do a great job on everyone’s car. I’m glad I found them and I will be back
Marilyn Flynn

June 12 via Google

Very polite and awesome place my brother Tyson just jus barely started working at Jeffery’s automotive and I would recommend it to anyone
Justice Connell

June 12 via Google

Great experience, I highly recommend them for your auto service. I went in expecting to pay $2500 on a new electronic power steering system. However they were able to find a smaller issue causing my problems. Was a nice surprise to only spend $400. Very fast, friendly and honest service. Thanks

Trey Posey

June 12 via Google

Good place for all Automotive needs!

Tony Rodriguez

June 12 via Google

Best mechanic shop around!

Dante Preciado

June 11 via Google

They were very nice. We needed the air worked on. Its a used car we didnt know it had no condenser because of a previous wreck and Danny told us up front they couldn’t fix it because there was no room for a condenser. They did fix the brakes and did so quickly. 1 day and ready.

Vicki Scearce

June 08 via Google

Great experience! My first time here. I am a divorced woman and I am always reluctant when I am surrounded by a profession that is mainly done by men because I am too aware of people taking advantage. I didn’t feel like this at all. Thank you!

Michelle Shelley

June 06 via Google

Very professional! They did exactly what they said they would do. Would recommend for automotive repairs.

Paul Lemons

June 04 via Google

Excellent service. Kept in contact to let me know how things were going on my car. Highly recommend. Very courteous staff.

Gloria Paul

June 01 via Google

Everyone was very attentive, quite professional and pretty explanatory that even a girl can understand…Thanks for a great job…wonderful service…

Joan Geremia

May 31 via Google

Just got a ceramic coating on my truck and love the results. Just ask for Don, he was great to work with.

Jaron Kunkel

May 31 via Google

These guys were great. I made an appointment and they had me in and out in 30 minutes. Explained what they did and why. Very professional. Definitely recommend bad on my experience.

P Sprague

May 31 via Google

Friendly staff, called with some suggested additional options and did not revert to strong arm sales tactics when I declined as other shops have done. Will definitely use for future work.

Dalton Thibodeaux

May 30 via Google

I was referred to Jeffrey’s Automotive by Discount Tire. They were very friendly and we’re patient in explaining the issue with my car. I appreciated their customer service!!

Terry Mandoza

May 29 via Google

First visit to Jeffrey’s. Very impressed. Didn’t expect such a large, multiple-bay facility. The guys behind the counter we’re friendly and obviously knew their business well. Jeffrey’s just may have become “my” auto repair place. Shout out to Discount Tire on the Eastside for recommending them.

Marion Thornell

May 29 via Google

Jeffrey’s did a great job on my car. They weren’t the cheapest, but in our business we aren’t either because we don’t cut corners. We went with them because of their integrity and quality. Their 2 year warranty gives me security with such a large expense of replacing my evaporator core. Thanks Jeffery’s for taking such good care of my car!

Rachel Garza

May 23 via Google

I’ve used them for state inspections and minor repairs. Customer service and their work has been top notch

John Stanley

May 22 via Google

Did a great job fixing up my truck my truck was in bad shape took it in one day and basically knocked out in one day basically I am happy I chose Jeffrey’s.

Genarro Marquise

May 15 via Google

Replaced my rear drive on my 07 Ford Truck. Roy with customer service kept me informed throughout the entire process. Repairs were done as promised and on time. Thank you Jeffreys Automotive!

Craig King

May 14 via Google

Took our car in to be repaired and was greeted by a very nice gentleman, Roy. After a few hours our car was fixed for a reasonable amount. We felt very good about our experience and will definitely be a return customer.

Diane Tackett

May 11 via Google

Always a good service experience.

Admin Xpert Kansas

May 8 via Google

Had my front end aligned. Very courteous and thorough.

Scott Edwardson

May 4 via Google

Great experience with my car and they know what they are doing and not as expensive as a dealership….

Tonya Waddle

May 1 via Google

We have been going here for most of our auto repair needs and we almost always buy used cars. Michael and the entire staff have gone out of there way to not only be thorough, but to make sure our vehicles our in safe condition. They are not the kind of place to tell you everything has to be done right now. They will give you an estimate of when it should be be looked at again if that is the case. They are family owned and they work there as well. They make us feel like we are part of their team. Thanks for all you do for us.

Donovan Baker

April 27 Google

Friendly customer service and good prices.

John Beck

April 20 via Google

Fantastic service! Took the car in early morning and it was tested and fixed same day at a reasonable price. We always use Jeffrey’s and will continue to do so.

Kristi Cantrell

Google, 04/18/2019

I set an appointment to have vehicle alignment performed on the wife’s Honda minivan. I ended up arriving a little so they started job a little early and I was out of their ahead of schedule. Price was very reasonable, the technician showed me the items needing an update in a very professional approach and offered to quote the specific items. There was NO fear mongering to get me to do work that I wasn’t already planning on doing. The lobby has been remodeled and with courtesy WiFi was able to take care of work emails while I waited. I will always go back to Jeffrey’s.

George Holcombe

Google, 04/18/2019

I’ve gone to Jeffery’s pretty much every time I’ve needed something done. I trust their judgment, they haven’t steered me wrong. It’s hard to find a place with good, honest people that show more interest in what’s better for you than just trying to make money. I highly recommend Jeffrey’s not only for that reason but their prices are fair.

Jodi McBrayer

Google, 04/16/2019


Harold Skillot

Google, 04/13/2019

I am from out of town, I needed an oil change and I had an engine light. I asked one of my friends where to go. He recommended Jeffrey’s, so I asked The Holy Spirit and He said I could trust them. My car only needed to have the engine light reset!!! I am so thankful for their honesty and the top notch service I received. Your reputation is known in the Kingdom of God!!! How Exciting!!! Thank you for your integrity and obedience to your Heavenly Father! Lord thank you for blessing this business to the fullest!!! Yay God!!!

Marcy Williams

Google, 04/12/2019

Jeffrey‘s automotive repair is amazing! Don and Juanita at the body shop are fantastic they take care of the customers. The ceramic coating they put on my car is beautiful!

Marcy Williams Tamez

Facebook, 04/12/2019

Great staff. Great job. Gave me a coupon as well. We will continue to use them.

Cynthia Baker

Google, 04/11/2019

The staff was very courteous and helpful. I felt like u could really trust these guys. Its apparent why they have been operating successfully for 40 years. Definitely going to use these guys in the future.

Jason Cox

Google, 04/11/2019

Straight shooters and to the point professionals. Clean and timely. Great work!!

Bryon Swain

Google, 04/10/2019

I work for an HVAC contractor out of Southlake, and I am more than willing to take all of our trucks to Watauga just to have Jeffery’s work on them. The service is quick, detailed, and affordable. Hard to find shops like this nowadays!

Jared Thompson

Google, 04/10/2019

Drove by Jeffrey’s many of times. This was my first time to use them. From the time that I walked in until the time that I pick up my vehicle I was 100% satisfied. Everybody was super nice, professional, Priced Right. Thank you so very much.

Keith Emery

Google, 04/07/2019

Jeffreys is the place to go for all your car related issues if your in the Fort Worth area! I’ve used them many times and they always do a great job!

Cole Tribble

Google, 04/05/2019

Very fast, welcoming friendly staff!!

Angela Serrano

Google, 04/04/2019

Great Service, Roy was a champ and very helpful!

DAnn Allison

Google, 04/03/2019

Job completed timely and correctly.

Dean Lancon

Google, 04/03/2019

Great service fair prices and these folks try to be as honest as they possibly can.

AFrame Wind Kits

Google, 04/02/2019

Jeffrey is a great guy and a great worker. He has saved me throughout every car problem I have had yet, and always tries to keep me as informed as possible on how my car is doing. Overall a great place with great prices.

Trey Tomlin

Google, 04/02/2019