Diesel truck owner raves about Jeffrey's Automotive in Fort Worth


A diesel truck owner who first went to the dealership, Digole Williams of Fort Worth shared with us a great review! He says:

“My 2009 Dodge Diesel truck went into limp mode. I was barely able to make it home.The next day when I drove my truck to the Dealership, it drove okay but, I wanted to know why it was driving so bad the day before.

Later on that day, the dealership called to say they need my approval for additional cost and time to troubleshoot the problem.The next morning a call came from the dealership that I have a crack DPF and it will cost $4,500.00 to fix. The decision was made to park my truck and use my girlfriend car.I’m living off my pension and Social Security, so money is tight.

Then one day I passed Jeffrey’s Automotive in Watauga when my eyes caught the Diesel Service sign out front. After talking with the diesel mechanic, he came to the house with me and drove my truck back to the shop. The next day was a Game changer, Eye Opener and a new song entitle, “IN Jeffrey’s We Trust “.

When I got the call that the DPF was 98% full and they can blow it out, I gave the okay.Later on that day, I was told my truck was ready, so I put my credit card in my pocket and not knowing what to expect I stood at the register and when I was told the bill is a little over $200.00 I was able to pay cash and walked out one happy camper. For some reason, I could not sleep that night.

The next morning, I went to the Dealership with documents showing what they was going to charge me and what I paid. The dealership gave me my $180.00 back with an apology. It has been ten months now and my truck is great. \

Thanks to Jeffrey’s Automotive family.”

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