Differential Repair Service

When driving your vehicle on the road, do you hear a howl or a whirring sound, especially over 60mph? Are there clunking or rumbling noises? What about during deceleration, as your vehicle comes to a stop? These are all possible signs of differential problems.

Your car’s differential’s main purpose is to enable wheels to spin at different speeds while generating the same amount of torque. Without this system your vehicle would be difficult and unpredictable to handle. The differential can be configured a number of different ways depending if the vehicle is front or rear wheel drive or four wheel drive.

Here are a few indications that there may be something wrong with your differential.

  • If you can hear a clunking or banging every few feet, you may have a broken ring or pinion gear.
  • Worn carrier bearing will create a whirring sound when you accelerate past 20 mph, the sound may change when turning.
  • If you hear a howl or whine during quick acceleration your pinion gears may be worn, your gears may also be improperly set up
  • A vibration that increases with acceleration is an indication of an off balance drive shaft or worn out u-joints As you can see a differential is complex component and should only be serviced by an expert.

At Jeffrey’s Automotive, our multiple ASE certified technicians will diagnose and repair your car, truck or SUV differential problems. All vehicles have differentials and regular maintenance of your differential can save you time and the expense of an expensive differential repair. At Jeffrey’s Automotive, we have the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose and repair your vehicles differential problems.

Here’s one review of a Haltom City customer of 12 years who had differential service repair done at our shop. While this customer lives right off Denton Hwy 377, we also serve customers from Watauga, NRH, Saginaw, Haslet, Keller, Roanoke, and the greater Fort Worth area.

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