Around October, the stores are filled with spooky stuff. Kids comb the streets asking for candy and others voluntarily subject themselves to spooky houses just for the thrill of the fright.

However, on your way to drop the kids off at the spooky house or on your way to the best neighborhoods or church parking lot for a trunk-or-treat, your car should not be making spooky noises. Here are a few to be truly spooked by:

  • “EEEEEEEEE” – the dreaded screeching brake noise that sounds more like a squealing pig than the cute 4-year old dressed up like Porky Pig. This means that you have some metal-on-metal grinding starting to happen. It’s time for a brake check. You certainly don’t want to be squealing next month on the way to your in-laws for Thanksgiving. Nor can you hide the squealing brakes as you pull up to Dad’s house for Christmas. Get that looked at right away!
  • “UHHHHHMMMMM” – this is a whining noise that may indicate some transmission problems. We can get that checked out for you.
  • “HIISSSSSSSSSSSS” – this is that hissing sound you might hear only after turning off the engine. It very likely means there is a leak somewhere and the liquid is hitting the hot parts of the car making the hissing sound. Let us find the leak and get it fixed.

If it is not one of these 3 noises, just bring it and try and describe it to us in your best way. One way or another, we will do our very best to get you back on the road safely and without all the spooky noises!

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[ check out this funny video from John Crist ]