How to Find a Car Mechanic in Fort Worth – Part 2 (Vehicle History)

How many people keep a detailed history of every oil change, brake service, or transmission flush you’ve ever done on your car?  Especially if you are a multi-vehicle family, it becomes very difficult to remember what you have done, when you had it done last, and how much you paid last time.  And keeping track of all of your vehicle’s repair paperwork can be an organizational nightmare!

When choosing your mechanic, how well does the auto repair shop keep histories on their customers’ vehicles?  This is a good question to ask.

At Jeffrey’s Automotive, we employ an in-house, electronic shop management system to ensure an accurate service history of your vehicle.

Benefits for you:

  • you don’t have to keep up with receipts from previous repairs and remember to bring them with you each time.  We’ll pull up that specific vehicle on your account and we can tell you everything we have ever done on your car.
  • even if you misplaced the estimate on your brake repair service from a week ago, you can bring your vehicle in when you are ready for that road trip and we’ll have the saved estimate in our computers – no surprises!
  • with some repair shops that keep all their hand-written tickets in a box in the back shop, it could take a long time for the service writer to find out your vehicle history.  With just a single click, we can tell you when your last alignment or oil change was done.
  • in the event you are wanting to sell your car, we can provide you a printed sequential history of maintenance work and repairs done on your vehicle,
  • we can also reprint you a copy of the invoice if needed.

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