Volvo customer says NO to dealership and YES to Jeffrey's Automotive in Fort Worth

Volvo drivers pride themselves on driving what they consider to be the safest vehicles on the road. At Jeffrey’s, we are committed to helping Volvo customers keep their car running smooth with quality brake repair, state-of-the-art alignment, and other repair and maintenance that will ensure you have peace of mind on the road.

If you’d like to ensure that your Volvo lasts as long as possible (often more than 300,000 miles) and continues to provide a smooth, comfortable ride as long as you own it, we invite you to give us a call.  We know Volvos and customers often prefer us over the dealership experience.

Read this testimony of one of our Volvo customers from Keller who recently came to us from Discount Tire:

“The day was awful – blustery wind, rain and cold. We arrived on time for our appointment and we greeted with a smile, a hot cup of coffee and an on-time appreciation! As we waited, beautiful Christian music filled the air. No hard rock. No screetching sudo-songsters. Just a calm and peaceful place to spend a short time while waiting for the “Auto Doc” to give us a report. If we needed an alignment, they would do it. If not, they would tell us and send us on our way. With four new tires from Discount Tire and the recommendation to Jeffrey’s Automotive, we knew we could trust their judgement. An alignment was completed in record time! The price was well below the ridiculous one offered at Park Place Volvo by over $100 savings. Our Volvo drives like a dream and even the steering wheel sits straight. Thank you Bill at Discount Tire and the wonderful staff at Jeffrey’s for a great job and so much kindness, concern and professionalism!”

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Volvo customer from Keller finds auto repair shop

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Volvo customer finds Jeffrey's Automotive

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