At Jeffrey's Automotive, we celebrate Christmas as a Christian Holiday!

At Jeffrey’s Automotive, we really celebrate Christmas.  Yes, between the (currently) 14 grandkids (most of whom are under the age of 10), Christmas is as magical and fun as any time of the year.  There are Santa visits, Christmas cookie decorating with friends from church and plenty of gifts under the tree.

But at Jeffrey’s, we celebrate Christmas as a Christian holiday.  It is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior.  We believe the coming of Jesus to earth was a real event, not just a made up story.  We believe it set in motion the reality of God’s plan to redeem the world.  We believe that when he came to earth as a baby, he also came to die as a sacrifice for our sins.  We believe that while he was born in a stable, he was later buried in a cave but rose from the dead.  We believe his rising, while traditionally celebrated as another Christian holiday during Easter, is the anticipation we feel when we rejoice at his birth.  When we celebrate Christmas, and because we know how God’s story ends, we are joyful because the birth of Jesus is a historical act that also resulted in the resurrection of Christ after the cross.  We belief both events really happened and therefore we have hope.  We know so many of our customers celebrate this Christian holiday with us.

With the Christian holiday falling so early in the week, we will be closed by both Christmas Eve (Monday) and Christmas Day.  We invite our customers to find a Christian house of worship this weekend and on Christmas Eve for a traditional candlelight service.  While the anticipation of Santa looms for many children, we recognize that above all else, Christmas is a Christian holiday and we will be joining with many families from around the Haltom City, Watauga, Keller, Colleyville, Saginaw and greater Fort Worth area to sing carols of joy.  If you do not have a church in the area, we welcome you to our family’s congregation, The Hills Church in North Richland Hills.

We open our auto repair shot again at 7:30am on Wednesday morning, December 26th.  Because this is a week many families have spouses at home, this may be a convenient week to bring in that 2nd car for an oil change, state inspection or to check out the brakes that are making noise.  Whether it is routine maintenance or a specific repair, please come see us.  And while you are thinking about it, please join our the Jeffrey’s Automotive Facebook page, too!

Merry Christmas from Jeffrey’s Automotive!