Fort Worth Mechanic - At Jeffrey's Automotive Repair, We Support & Pray for Our Troops!

Happy Independence Week!  (with the holiday on Wednesday, it seems like it should be a week-long celebration of all our founding fathers and troops have done to keep us free)

One article we wanted to share in light of the fireworks and freedom:

At Jeffrey’s, we are fans of the Texas Rangers (well, most of us are  . . . but we won’t reveal the traitors – ha!!)  The Rangers are having a great year and as we approach the mid-way point of the season, it’s easy to imagine our boys going all the way!  Loved this story about Brandon Snyder making use of a hobby to make some money to benefit rehabilitating soldiers at Fort Hood.  All proceeds go to the rehabilitating soldiers medical facility at the Killeen Army base. Read the full article at:

* Did you know that on every Friday, the upfront service writers all wear RED in honor of our troops(click here to find out more)