2 Colleyville customers rave about their mechanic

At Jeffrey’s Automotive, we have customers around Saginaw, North Richland Hills, Roanoke, Arlington, Bedford and all over the greater Fort Worth area. Today we highlight two recent reviews of customers from Colleyville:

John Wallace says, “Kelly and Danny responded in a matter of minutes to an e-mail requesting an estimate on some relatively-major repairs to my 1997 pickup. They accommodated my drop-off schedule. They finished the work even faster than their initial projected completion time. Lastly, not only was I able to save some money versus what I would have paid to have the work done at at the dealership, I had the good fortune to have the work performed by people I know and trust.”

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Colleyville customer rave about their mechanic

Clint Hart comments about “phenomenal customer service” (we love that kind of description!):  “Excellent as always.Took care of a non warranty item free of charge while treating me like a paying customer.Phenomenal customer service . I wouldn’t go any place else.”

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