NRH Husband and Wife Both Review Jeffrey's: see how they differ in their experience

Shawn and Jennifer Frye, both of Keller, reviewed Jeffrey’s a few months ago. It is interesting to see how Shawn rates Jeffrey’s versus what Jennifer’s experience was like.

We’re happy to report that BOTH love Jeffrey’s! just for different reasons .  .  .


  • Great service
  • Pricing
  • Pleasant staff
  • Saved time and money compared to the dealership


  • Christian company
  • You can trust
  • Would not be taken advantage of as a single woman (before she and Shawn married)
  • Fair price

Customers from all kinds of backgrounds review us on Google (we’re almost at 200 reviews). They all say a variety of things, but it seems like between Shawn and Jennifer’s combined experience with Jeffrey’s, these are some of the most common compliments we receive.

If you need a mechanic for any of the reasons Shawn or Jennifer give, please call us at 817-485-7340 or click for an appointment (and to learn more about our services).