Chevy Malibu NRH Customer 5-Star Review


Admittedly, when households consider having to make unexpected trips out of their busy lives, going to the mechanic is not on anyone’s favorite list. Whether a check engine line comes on, your brakes start squealing, or some unexpected noises start coming from under the hood, customers often come to us with frustration about their situation.

When Sharon brought in her Chevy Malibu recently, there was some unexpected problems with the AC. Even in the springtime in Texas, that’s not something you want to do with out (especially thinking about the summer heat coming soon). Stephen was able to get to work and replace a sensor and get Sharon back on the rode in comfort!

Here’s what Sharon said in her 5-star review:

“This place was recommended by a friend. They been in business 40 years and it shows. Excellent customer service, fair pricing and the work was done quickly with no extra charges. Thank you to everyone for making an unpleasant situation a pleasant experience.”

We love surprising new customers and getting them back on the road. And we love turning around an unpleasant situation into a pleasant experience!!

Whether it’s for another unexpected problem or routine maintenance, we think Sharon will be back!

Call us if you are facing an unpleasant situation with one of your vehicles:  817-485-7340