For over 30 years, Jeffrey’s Automotive has served customers in North Fort Worth and surrounding communities.  We have been blessed by our customers telling their friends . . . who have told their friends . . . who have told their friends.  Word has spread!

We have a large book in our waiting area showcasing just a sampling of some of the recent hand-written reviews as well as some of those online.  We also actively ask our customers about their experience, and we keep getting great feedback – especially about the quality of customer service offered by our service writers up front:  Danny, Jerry, Kevin, Andy and Tony!  (here’s a picture of them – I’m in the middle)

Another milestone I celebrate this week is going over the 300 mark on customer reviews.  You can see them all on our customer review and testimonial page, but here’s a few of the recent experiences with our happy customers:

  • Danny Dahns (Keller) writes: “They didn’t try to talk me into a lot of goofy or unnecessary things. As a matter of fact, I wanted transmission service, but they said I didn’t need it. Same thing with the breaks. That’s great! That’s how I develop a relationship and learn to trust a place, and I was very impressed with this place. They did awesome!”
  • Thomas Damron (Fort Worth) writes: “I would highly recommend this auto repair shop. Was sent by (Discount Tire) for a drill out on a lug nut and was treated quickly and politely. I will be back. Loved KLTY music and attitude of employees.”
  • Lana Murray (Fort Worth) writes: “Jeffrey’s was recommended to me when I had engine problems due to not doing what I was supposed to and get my oil checked regularly. While I’m sure Kevin felt like giving me a good scolding, he was very helpful and explained what I needed and how much it would cost. On top of that, he gave me his card with a “free oil change” message on the back. He wanted to be sure I took care of things, I’m sure. I won’t ever take my car to anyone else.”

Finally, I loved this review from Tina Coooper last month.  She lives across town in Fort Worth yet brought her car up to the North Fort Worth area and seems to have had an awesome experience.  She writes:

“I had passed by Jeffrey’s Automotive Supercenter a number of times before, but since it’s across town from me, I took my car somewhere else, but my car kept experiencing issues after taking it to the other shop.  Jeffrey’s kept flashing through my mind so I decided to take it to them. I’m glad I did! They were able to fix two major things for a lower price than the other shop had quoted to fix only one thing! After I got my car back, it was running even better!  I am so happy I went to Jeffrey’s. I had such a good experience there, I’m hooked! They are thorough and knowledgeable. Also, they are so nice, everybody there is very friendly. And another thing about Jeffrey’s, is that they are honest, which is hard to come by with mechanics. I have recommended them to many people, including my son! It’s worth the drive across town for the great service we receive!

Thanks Tina!

Check out all the customer reviews dating back to ’04 (although most of the reviews captured here are from 2009 to present).