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Linda Mazerolle, 2/22/11, Keller, via Demand Force

Repair was completed as promised. Estimate was accurate and all labor and parts are guaranteed. Will use Jeffrey’s for all of our car repairs.

Johnnie McCarson, 2/21/11, Fort Worth, via Demand Force



Kathryn Bashaw, 2/15/11, Haslet, via Customer Lobby

Wouldn’t take our cars anywhere else

We recently learned about Jeffrey’s Automotive and could not be happier with them. As you all know…looking for a auto repair shop/person is absolutely grueling, especially when you don’t know much about cars but you know you’re getting ripped off on repairs. The people at Jeffrey’s are kind, honest and trustworthy. Their waiting area is family friendly with clean music and no trashy magazines. We love Jeffrey’s…and as one of our cars has more than 200K miles on it, I think we will be going back a lot in the near future!

Randy Dingus, 2/15/11, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Front End Alignment

Very professional and efficient!!! I would recommend them to anyone!!!

Sue Kinderknecht, 2/15/11, Fort Worth, via Customer Lobby

Fair and Friendly

We’ve been going to Jeffrey’s since 1991, with an assortment of vehicles. They’ve always been honest and fair. We trust them completely.

Cliff Johnson, 2/15/11, Euless, via Demand Force

Wheel Alignment

Great Price. Quick Friendly Service.

Joe Pena, 2/14/11, Keller, via Demand Force

A very honest and knowledgeable business

Cliff Young, 2/11/11, Fort Worth

The facility is clean and orderly. My experience with your employees was very pleasant to say the least! The Customer Service was top notch. I was kept informed throughout all of the work performed…then the personnel went out of their way to give me a ride home, as well as picking me up when the work was completed.   The personnel are all quality!! From the service writers to the technicians …they were all happy to explain everything to me…I felt as if I were a part of the family.

Adam Macgorman, 2/9/11, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Excellent Service 

Timely estimate, friendly and informative service manager. Work was done as quickly as possible. Jerry did a great job keeping me informed and keeping the insurance company working. Very nice change from what I have come to expect in the automotive repair business.

Thank you for meeting a higher standard.

Courtney Hagen, 2/8/11, Keller

Pleasant Experience! I appreciate being called about the work and cost before any service is performed.  Everyone is really down to earth and you have great reviews online.

Scott Casey, 2/8/11, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Good Visit

Good time, a little expensive, but hey, it’s an older truck!

Pat Withers, 2/7/11, Keller

Excellent facility. Your employees are very friendly, honest and forthright.  Excellent service and reasonable prices.

Jay Vora, 2/6/11, Colleyville, via Demand Force

Very Good!

Very good communication and customer service.  Quick turn around time.

Debra James, 2/2/11/ Bedford

Your facility is nice! I was very impressed. Your customer service is excellent. I felt like they really cared about me and that is not common these days in automotive repair shops.  You showed me respect and did not treat me like I was just another number.

James Anderson, 2/1/11, Fort Worth via Demand Force

Service was prompt and price was reasonable

Larry West, 1/31/11, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Consistent service with integrity

I spent $1500 which is like pulling teeth for me. However, I trust these guys more than any other mechanic I have known. My car is running great. It says something when a man thanks a business after they have taken $1500.

Don Newman, 1/31/11, North Richland Hills, via Customer Lobby

A great trustworthy repair shop

I’ve been a customer of Jeffrey’s Automotive Repair for about three years and have never had any problems with them. They are fast and efficient and they service all types of cars,  so I can bring my wife’s car in too. They are trustworthy and I like their values. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good, reliable, honest Repair shop.

Tony Thomas, 1/31/11, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

ANDY was GREAT! Thank you! I was highly satisfied.

Denise Stalcup, 1/28/11, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Fast courteous service without any hassle! Will use again.

Kevin Brown, 1/25/11, Keller, via Demand Force

I love the new decor with the metal bars gone in the office.  Love it!!

Reginald Andrews, 1/25/11, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

I appreciate the friendly honest service.  Always feel I  am getting treated fairly.

Phil Kolb, 1/24/11, Keller, via Demand Force

Honest friendly service, will return again

William Goldstein, 1/21/11, Justin TX

Your facility is neat and well organized. Your employees are courteous and helpful. I had a good feeling about the professional level of your personnel and their sincere desire to assist me.

Kenneth McKee, 1/21/11, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Repaired transmission in a timely manner

Cindy Barton, 1/20/11 Roanoke, via Demand Force

Very pleasant. I sat in the lobby for awhile and was able to observe your staff’s interaction with many of your customers. No matter who the customer was, your staff was polite, humorous and upfront with each customer. I appreciated your helping evaluate the priorities of work that needs to be done on my car in subsequent visits. Given the state of the economy, we all need help making intelligent choices. Thank you.

Randy Nedrow, 1/19/11 North Richland Hills via Customer Lobby

Jeffrey’s Automotive came recommended from a tire shop where we had spent a great deal of money on my wife’s Mercedes and my BMW. When I got to Jeffrey’s, the owner himself helped us at the counter and we noticed how, one-by-one, they shook each customer’s hand and thanked them for their business. They look you in the eye and shake your hand, which is unusual these days, but it is important to me.

Other than the friendly service and handshakes, I was impressed to find the Book of John and the word of God in their lobby. They are a very Christian-based service, and it was refreshing to see those kinds of reading options available in their lobby. And, they did excellent work.

Brad Jones, 1/12/11 Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Totally Lucked Out!

I showed up at 4:00 in the afternoon holding a suspension part that I had just bought at NAPA and didn’t want to attempt to install myself. Just so happened that a mechanic was available and they did the work as I waited. The labor cost less than I expected and was well worth it! I was very impressed. Thank you.

Randy Nedrow, 1/08/11 Fort Worth,via Demand Force

The Best!! Unlike any other auto experience, in that this operation (though seems low key upon walking in) is nothing but top notch and VERY friendly and professional. All of the associates KNOW what they are doing, they CARE, they are FAIR, and most important they are HONEST!

Ricky Sotelo, 1/07/11 Fort Worth via Demand Force

I am new to this area and I asked a few of my neighbors if they could recommend a good and affordable place to have my car worked on and almost everyone recommended Jeffrey’s!

Tom Snider, 1/06/11, Watauga via Demand Force

Good work means return business. You did good. I will be back.

Brad Gray, 1/06/11, Haslet via Demand Force

Good as always! Jeffrey’s Auto has all the services that your car could need in one location making it the best choice in the area for a quick turnaround.

Monty Anderson, 1/05/11, Saginaw via Demand Force

Friendly service and repairs done right!

Anonymous, 1/05/11 via Demand Force

Thank you for your professional, friendly and prompt service.  All repairs were completed and my truck is running great!

Terry Atkinson, 1/04/11, Keller via Demand Force

First time customer and I was very pleased with my experience at Jeffrey’s!

Rick Wahlin, 1/01/11, Keller via Demand Force

Great service…professional…trusted and fast.

John Gilbreath, 12/31/10, Fort Worth via Demand Force

Very Satisfied

Terry Cawood, 12/30/10, Fort Worth via Demand Force

Excellent! Thanks for your prompt friendly work.

Anonymous, 12/30/10 via Demand Force

Great Experience…My car was completed promptly and additional issues with the front struts were brought to my attention. The employees who I spoke to were all professional and courteous.

Richard Nelson, 12/28/10, Keller via Demand Force

Courteous and fast as always

Peggy Cunningham, 12/22/10, Fort Worth via Demand Force

First time customer…good experience. Kevin and Jerry are informative.

Sandy Silverman, 12/17/10, Keller via Demand Force

I purchased 4 new tires from Discount Tire. They directed me to Jeffrey’s to have the alignment done. I am highly satisfied!

Karin Krause, 12/14/10,  North Richland Hills

Your facility is clean. Your employees are honest, helpful and friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Michael Ortiz, 12/10/10,  via Demand Force

Great Customer Service

Jerry and his team made me feel very welcomed and that my vehicle was top priority.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, 12/08/10, Fort Worth via Customer Lobby

Fast, friendly and helpful

When my car came back in for a leak and it overheating, Kevin was able to get it looked at quickly and had me back in my car by the end of the day. That helped me out because I am a student and need my car. I will come back for any future repairs.

Kim Reynolds, 12/07/10, Fort Worth via Customer Lobby

Jeffrey’s Automotive Repair took good care of us. They got us in right away, they quickly fixed any problems we had, and they were really nice. We had them fix the motor mounts, the alternator, and they performed a few other repairs. Everything is now running smoothly.

Olin Gibbins, 12/07/10, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

I had exhaust put on my Dodge truck.  Although there was miscommunication initially, the  technician corrected the problem and I am very satisfied with the work performed.

Craig Altrock, 12/06/10, Keller, via Demand Force

Fantastic! We are not always happy with the problems our cars have but we always feel like we get good honest advice at Jeffrey’s! They have helped us decide if something must be fixed or can it wait until a better time financially. The one time we had problems after our car was worked on we got immediate help and resolution! All our car repairs happen at Jeffrey’s.

Richmond and Patricia Watson, 12/06/10, Saginaw, via Demand Force

Excellent!  Service was friendly and in a very timely manner.

Carl Grassl, 12/06/10, North Richland Hills, via DemandForce

Good work done in a timely fashion… I have always had good results with any task being performed by the Jeffrey’s staff.

David Vick, 12/06/10 Watauga, via Demand Force

Cash is tight and I really appreciate Andy going above and beyond to explore my options for repair.  Thank you Andy!

Lauren Hudgins, 12/01/10, Blue Mound

Nice experience.  Great Customer Service.  Y’all do most everything here and are bigger than any shop I’ve been at before and you give lots of coupons!

Mary McKee, 11/30/10, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Excellent! Fixed my problem with my truck, provided excellent customer service and reasonable prices

Marilyn Thomas, 11/29/10 Euless, via Demand Force

Great -Very Polite – Kept me informed how long it would take…Everyone that I talked to was very helpful and polite.  They kept me informed as to how long it would take and what other services might be required.

Julie Foster, 11/22/10, Keller

Your facility is nice. My experience with your employees was perfect…caring..and helpful.  The guy at the register was very nice. The customer service I received was great…above and beyond! You seemed to care about saving me money.

Dan Griffin, 11/23/10, Colleyville

Three words describe my first impression – clean, courteous, and knowledgeable.  My experience with your employees was excellent in every regard.  This is my first visit to your center and I found it to be absolutely the best customer service.  I appreciated the Christian music playing and the positive caring staff. You are the “customer” approach!

Robert Achee, 11/23/10, North Richland Hills, via Demand Force

Excellent service and maintenance provided all the time. Trusted automotive repair service center.

Donny Vaughn, 11/22/10, Keller TX via Demand Force

We had to have our brakes fixed and some minor work to fix our heater. Danny was very personable as was the other friendly staff when we arrived to pick up the car.  Love it when Danny helps b/c he is so courteous and professional. Very attentive to my need to get my car back running soon. Thanks Danny!

Brenda Hoehn, 11/18/10, North Richland Hills

Your facility is great! I loved all the deer heads especially the ones with the Ranger’s ball caps on! Everyone I met was helpful and kind. You provided great customer service from the time that I walked in until I picked up my vehicle.  I appreciated your willingness to explain everything. You tried to help me meet my deadlines. You also helped me by keeping my vehicle until I returned from vacation because my vehicle couldn’t be repaired prior to my vacation date of departure.

Kenneth Spencer, 11/21/10, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Quick, friendly and knowledgeable 

Seems like a great business that really cares about their customers and is efficient and knowledgeable on all types of car repair.

Don Newman, 11/19/10 North Richland Hills, via Demand Force


Kay Skaggs, 11/03/10 Fort Worth

Your facility was easily found and organized.  It was professional, friendly and the service was provided quickly.  I was pleased with the knowledge and explanation of service. I did not feel that I was taken advantage of because I was a woman. There were no needless repairs done. We just moved from Oklahoma to Texas. You were very nice and friendly.

Craig Altrock, 11/15/10, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Always appreciate the honest service we get at Jeffrey’s.

John Thornton, 11/10/10, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Danny is the BEST!

Richmond and Patricia Watson, 11/10/10 Fort Worth, via Demand Force

I appreciated the professionalism that I received when I brought my car in for service. Thank you for the work done and the quotes on the work to be done.  I felt comfortable as I listened to long time customers express their confidence in your business and as I observed new customers being treated professionally.  I look forward to becoming a long term customer as cars do need care and repairs and that’s totally out of my area…glad I found your location…Thank you.

Donald & Joan Davis, 11/10/10 Fort Worth, via Demand Force

As always I had a pleasant experience at Jeffrey’s.  I was updated every few minutes.  Service Rep was very polite.  I recommend Jeffrey’s to all my friends and relatives.

Brenda Hoehn, 11/10/10 Fort Worth via Demand Force

Jeffrey’s did a great job in a timely manner and we did not have to miss our vacation even though my wheel fell off 3 days before we left.

Richmond Watson, 11/05/10 Fort Worth, TX via Customer Lobby

Everything has worked out really well. They are all really nice. They even came out and picked me up. I was telling Kelly just today what great people they all are. Their service was superb. I have no complaints.

Robert Meeks 11/04/10 Euless, TX

Your facility is spacious.  My experience with your employees was very  good. They really showed that they cared about me.  They were very courteous people.

Mike & Suzanne Cook 11/01/10 Fort Worth, TX via Demand Force

Amazing service and value! I am just a loyal customer and I will not go anywhere else. And I love the Scripture on 377 – It means a lot to me – very powerful – Keep it up!

Kevin Merlow 11/01/10 Fort Worth, TX via Demand Force

I stopped in for a noise in my front passenger tire. I would just like to say Thank You to all the folks there.  Andy and Jeff particularly. I  just moved down from Ohio and needed some work done. Even though you do not sale tires, you helped me to find a set and really took care of all my needs. The open communication and friendly environment is what sets you above all the rest! Do not change a thing!!

Linda Bower 10/30/10 Fort Worth, TX via Demand Force

Very Competent

Whenever my 18 year old vehicle has unusual noises develop requiring investigation, your skilled technicians are the reason I don’t go anywhere else for remedy. Competent, courteous, clean environment in waiting area and more importantly in the back where the work gets done are a testament to the professionalism of your entire team. Keep up the excellent service and I will keep coming back.

Charles Hadlock 10/25/10 Fort Worth, TX via Angie’s List

I used Jeffrey’s Automotive Super center to clean the fuel injection, change oil and to check another problem. The people from Jeffrey’s Automotive Super center were fast, efficient and professional.

Norma Blue 10/04/10 Fort Worth, TX via Customer Lobby

Top in knowledge, timeliness, honesty, and reliability.

I have been been with Jeffrey’s Automotive for 25 years. They can’t be topped for knowledge and for having the car ready when they say it will be ready. After I drive away the next morning the car still works because whatever they say is wrong is fixed for the price they quote.

Jeffrey’s Automotive is honest. I have recommended many people to go there, and they come back to thank me profusely. They had been taking their cars to so many places but they couldn’t repair it, or didn’t repair it but just took the money. Jeffrey’s people are honest and wonderful people.

Karin Krause, 10/12/10 North Richland Hills, TX via Demand Force

Five Stars! Thanks to you my “little volvo” is good as new and rolls like it should again. I am so very happy that I found you and do thank you for a job well done! I am telling my friends and I will be back. How about a few extra business cards so I can pass them out?? Thank you! You are the BEST!

George Hammons, 10/20/10 Euless, TX via Demand Force

The car was repaired & delivered when promised and it was clean. I’ve had no problems with the repair at all.

Ed Feitel, 9/29/2010 Fort Worth,TX

I was surprised at the size and different types of auto specialists that you have. I did not hear any foul language.  I got to read your Bible, and I experienced happy and disgruntled customers. Customers that had issues were quickly treated professionally and they seemed to be happy with your solutions. There was an honest answer to how long of a wait it would be before being served, and how long it might take to complete the service tasks. You’ve earned it. Rate me as a satisfied customer.

Brett Igbinoba, 10/08/10 via Demand Force

Very friendly, very straight up kind of guys. The type of crew you want working on your vehicle.

Denise Mask, 10/05/10 Keller, TX via Facebook

I was talking to my neighbor the other day about her car. She said that when her son was here visiting in the summer, they found a new wonderful place for her to have her car fixed when needed. I asked her where and she said “Jeffrey Automotive” on 377. She said she really liked the Christian music playing and the fact that there were Bibles out in the lobby. She also said it just made her, as a woman, feel comfortable. She was very excited to also know that the owners go to The Hills as she attends there on Sunday mornings. Thank you to your family for being such wonderful examples in the community.  P.S. She said Tony helped her and was such a nice guy.

Violet Schofield, Watauga, TX 09/23/10 via Demand Force

Jeffrey’s Automotive has always done an excellent job whenever we have brought our automobiles in for service of any kind. The entire staff is always so friendly and professional and is very good about explaining what is to be done to “fix” the problem. We are so grateful to have such a great automotive repair shop to depend on.

Darlene White, North Richland Hills, TX 09/23/10 via Demand Force

So far so good!! I’ve been to Jeffrey’s twice and found them to be honest, courteous, and reasonably priced. I prefer it because it is a family-owned business and would not hesitate to recommend them. Since I am on my own now, it is very important to me to have a business like this looking after my car.

Kathleen Nelson, Fort Worth, TX 09/21/10 via Demand Force

Pleasantly Surprised! From a woman’s Point of View – I walked into what I called, “The Man Cave” with all of the taxidermy staring at me and I was unsure of what the outcome would be with my vehicle needs at the time but I was so pleasantly surprised to be treated so well, with respect and the uttermost professionalism was shown by all of the employees at Jeffrey’s Automotive Repair. I will not only be a loyal customer but will refer family and friends for all of their automotive needs and repairs…It was by far the most “OUTSTANDING”, “BEST” experience I have had plus they get the job done well in record time…Sincere thanks to all the great employees at Jeffrey’s!

Eileen Kaplan , Ohio, 09/18/10 via Demand Force

Always outstanding! As a customer of Jeffrey’s for almost 10 years, I never hesitated to take my cars there for prompt, efficient, honest and thorough service and inspection. Danny and the crew there are extremely professional and efficient. I have moved from Texas and plan to take my car back to Jeffrey’s when I visit Texas. It’s difficult, after being a customer of Jeffrey’s, to find another automotive place anywhere that is as good, including dealerships (unless it’s under warranty.) Thanks to all of them.

Pam Hunt , Bedford, TX 09/21/10 via Demand Force

Excellent! I went in with an electrical problem that did not ALWAYS show up…had to bring car back several times since I could not leave it over-night. They patiently dealt with me each time I went in and were finally able to find the problem and repair it for me!! Would recommend to people I know. Thanks Kevin, you were great!!! =)

Eric Ashton , Ft. Worth, TX 09/20/10 via Demand Force

Great Mechanics; Fair Price; Jeffrey’s has taken care of all of my auto repair and inspection work for 5 years now. They get the job done at a fair price and stand behind their work

Robert Reyes , North Richland Hills, TX 09/20/10 via Demand Force

Great experience!  Throughout the years, Jeffrey’s has been a very honest and reliable business for us. They have taken good care of all of our vehicles and us as well. There is no other place around that treat it’s customers with respect. Thank you.

George and Ann Lambert, North Richland Hills, TX 09/17/10 via Demand Force

Excellent! I have received pricing I could count on and delivery that was above all other. Would recommend to anyone.

Sue Haynes, Ft. Worth, TX 09/18/10 via Demand Force

Over the past 3 years, every need I have had, Jeffrey’s has been able to fix in good time. The employees at Jeffrey’s are very knowledgeable and explain what is needed, the price and time frame. I respect their judgment and have never been disappointed with their service.

Mike Murphy, Colleyville, TX 09/18/10 via Demand Force

Excellent and Honest! Finally, an automotive service and repair shop with an honest and straight-forward staff. Cars are fixed at a fair price with no double-talk.

Linda Evers, Keller, TX 09/18/10 via Demand Force

Have always left satisfied – I have used Jeffrey’s for 7 years on a number of cars and have never failed to be satisfied. On the few occasions when it still had an issue, they made satisfying the problem a priority, and have surprised me with warranting their work on a few visits. I will return there.

Jerry and Dorris Penny, Keller, TX 09/20/10 via Demand Force

Excellent!  Jeffrey’s is a breath of fresh air in this tough economy. It is nice to know you can take your cars to someone who cares as much about them as you do and someone you can trust. It is nice to know I can send my wife and teenagers to Jeffrey’s and know they are being taken care of as if I was stand right there with them. The peace of mind is priceless. I highly recommend Jeffrey’s and will continue to do so.

Jason Ching, Fort Worth, TX 09/20/10 via Demand Force

Modern Technology meets Old Fashioned Service: If you are seeking quality repairs with old fashioned service with a modern Technology edge, then Jeffrey’s Automotive Repair is the place to go. Professional, courteous and honest are the qualities that I found at Jeffrey’s. I’m happy to have found an automotive center that can take of any issue and I look forward to taking my vehicle to Jeffrey’s for any future work. Keep us the great work guys!!!!

Anonymous 09/17/10 via Demand Force

Wonderful and professional! Jeffrey’s Automotive Supercenter was more than pleasant.  Professional, fast, service with a smile. I like making an appointment for my scheduled and “unscheduled” car needs.

Anonymous 09/17/10 via Demand Force

Always a pleasure, even when major repair.  Cannot say anything negative about these guys.  They have pulled through time and again – being honest and upfront.

Jo-len Shumski, Benbrook, TX 09/17/10 via Demand Force

Always Good! I have always found the service and the people at Jeffery’s to be the best; even when they find things wrong with my car that doesn’t make me too happy; I always know that when I drive away my car is in the best shape that they can make it and I am always safe. As a single woman it is nice to know I can take my car to someone trust worthy and I will not be taken. Everyone is always so nice. I’ve taken my car there for a number of years and would never change.

Kenneth McKee, Ft. Worth, TX 09/17/10 via Demand Force

Good job and information was great and helpful

Brad Gray, Haslet, TX 09/17/10 via Demand Force

Very good!  All the auto services needed were at the same location which made it very convenient.

Donald & Joan Davis,  Ft. Worth, TX 09/17/10 via Demand Force

Excellent!  We have gone to Jeffrey’s several times with different problems. They always have fixed our problems in a very timely manner at a very reasonable cost. We will recommend them to all our friends.

Chris Box,  Colleyville, TX 09/17/10 via Demand Force

Morton and Jerry and all the staff have always gone above and beyond when it comes to customer service. The guys have always been very professional and made sure I was taken care of and the price was very reasonable. I appreciate Jeffrey’s Automotive very much and will continue to go to them for my repair needs and recommend them to everyone I know that needs service.

Craig Altrock,  Ft. Worth, TX 09/17/10 via Demand Force

Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

We have been using Jeffrey’s Automotive for 8 years now. We are very pleased with the service and guarantee that we have received. In the rare cases where something wasn’t resolved in the initial visit they worked with us until we were completely satisfied.

Tim McDaniel,  Ft. Worth, TX 09/17/10 via Demand Force

I grew up in the ’70’s working on my own cars. I still do a lot of the work myself, but the newer technology often leaves me behind and makes it difficult to diagnose the problem. Jeffrey’s is great for taking the car in and checking it out and giving recommendations for a very reasonable fee. They tell me what the car needs and I can choose to let them do it or take it home and do the work myself. They have saved me a lot of time and money this way. Some jobs I just can’t do, so I get them to do it and it’s done well. If there’s a problem, they fix it. They stand behind their work. Recently, we bought a used car for my son and they checked it over before the purchase so we could make an educated decision and not buy a bunch of problems. We were told, since we are regular customers, there would be no charge for the inspection! We got a great deal on the car and drove it home with confidence due to Jeffrey’s very customer friendly service.

Sheila Hart,  Keller, TX 09/17/10 via Demand Force

Very friendly and professional. Fast service.

Bob Greene,  Southlake, TX 09/17/10 via Demand Force

Awesome group of people that seem to care about the customer and the work they do!

Good old get back to basics take care of the customer and customer service side of business & “get ‘er done” do it right because these times of lousy economy the customer does not need to be ripped off, so the big boy’s can stay in business. The Jeffrey family is a prime example of what family is all about.  Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey have done a great job of parenting & bringing up & teaching good family values & honest relationships in the business world today.  If they say you need something, they  mean it and they stand behind everything they do with no hassle.

Lilli Erickson, Euless, TX 09/20/10

Your facility is organized and clean.  Everyone that I spoke with was courteous.  The customer service was great. The  costs were spelled out, the problem explained and the staff was friendly.  You are set apart from other automotive shops in the way that you gave a better explanation of the problem.

Anita Snow, Ft. Worth, TX 09/18/10

Your facility is clean and wholesome. Your employees are polite and professional. Customer service is excellent.  The atmosphere is professional, family friendly and peaceful.

George Hammons,  Euless, TX 09/16/10 via Demand Force

Timely response, good advise as what should be repaired and what should not.  They kept me informed about other issues they saw under the car that I was not aware of (such as the brakes).  The car was delivered on time, clean, and working as before the power steering pressure pump was replaced.

Anonymous,  Fort Worth, TX 09/15/10 via Demand Force

Everyone was incredibly friendly.  When I mentioned a time issue they were able to complete the work and allow me to make a lunch date I had with my daughter.  Huge thanks to all of you!

Gary Shugart,  Fort Worth, TX 09/10/10 via Demand Force


I was using another shop and one day decided to try Jeffrey’s Automotive. It was the best thing I have done in a long time.  From the front office staff to the mechanics, I had great service and found a new home to have my vehicles serviced and give me peace of mind that the needs of my vehicle are being taken care of.

Christy Brand,  Fort Worth, TX 09/04/10 via Demand Force

Jeffrey’s Automotive is top notch! We have used Jeffrey’s Automotive for many years. They have helped us numerous times through various car issues. The facility has always been clean and comfortable. The staff has always been understanding and helpful. Thank You for Everything Ya’ll have done.

Chantelle Read, Haltom City, TX 09/03/10 via Customer Lobby

I had a problem with my car and called Jeffrey’s Automotive in the morning. They were able to get me in that day. My mom was with me, so she was able to give me a ride home, but they had offered to drive me. It meant a lot to me that they offered, especially because I have two small kids, and it is hard to wait in a shop with kids.

They fixed my car and got it done that same day. It was really easy. I don’t really know anything about cars and worry that shops might take advantage of me, but I feel I can trust them. They told me what needed to be done, and what could wait. There were some belts that they had to change, but some other belts won’t have to be changed for a couple more years. The whole experience was easy, in and out in one day.

I have been going to Jeffrey’s Automotive for 15 to 20 years, and they have good customer service. They are friendly and trustworthy. If they tell you something needs to be fixed, it really needs to be fixed. They are not trying to cheat their customers.

K. Kruse, Fort Worth, TX 08/27/10

I was really impressed! The front office is clean, neat and there is great music playing in the background. I believe it was KLTY.  Your employees are very nice and explain everything that is going on.   I was pleased with all of the service done to my car.  It took longer than expected and I appreciated all of the calls to keep me updated.   The difference between you and other automotive shops that I have visited in the past was that your shop felt honest.

Jim Weaver, Keller, TX 08/26/10

Your facility is clean, professional and hunter-friendly! My experience with your employees was top drawer! You delivered on what was promised when it was promised.  The courteousness of your employees sets you apart. You are customer satisfaction driven.

Pete Franz, Fort Worth, TX 08/26/10 via Customer Lobby

Trustworthy and fair automotive shop

I have used Jeffrey’s Automotive for several years now. They take care of all my vehicles and do a great job. They are fair. I trust their opinion and judgments. They tell you how it is and give good options. That is why I keep going back to them. I have recommended several people to them. Anytime someone asks me where to take their car I recommend Jeffrey’s.

Howard Simpson , Keller, TX 08/25/10

Your facility is clean and organized. Your employees are friendly and helpful. I give your customer service a 10 for being the best. You are different from other repair shops I have visited in the past because of your knowledge and your goal is to help your customer.

Archie Haire , Fort Worth, TX 08/24/10

Great experience with your employees and the customer service.  Great atmosphere that sets you apart for other automotive repair shops. Love that you play KLTY in the front office.

Sandy Jones, Fort Worth, TX 08/23/10 via Customer Lobby

My boss had taken his vehicle to Jeffrey’s Automotive and suggested that I go there. They’ve done a variety of things like brakes, front-end alignment, and other miscellaneous work.  They tell you upfront what needs to be done, and they don’t do it unless you give them authorization to do so.  Their service personnel is very friendly and they talk to women like they are humans.  It is appreciated not to be talked down to.

Roger Lowe, Watauga, TX 08/06/10 via Customer Lobby

I am very pleased with Jeffrey’s Automotive, and I always take my car to them. They have done a good job. They explain what they are going to do and give a quoted price. If for some reason there is a change in the price, they will call first.

The few times they have made errors they always make it right. They told me what happened and fixed it right up. Jeffrey’s Automotive is very fair. I would say I have been using them for 10 or 15 years now. I have always had a good experience with them and am very pleased.

Sherrie Starlin Bettles, Fort Worth, TX 08/05/10 via Facebook

They really are quick and do a great job. They fixed a lot of things on my daughter’s car a few weeks ago. It was done in one day. They always have good prices and are honest. Thanks to Tony for taking care of us! It means a lot.

Carolyn Krecklaw, Fort Worth, TX 07/29/10

Your facility is clean and welcoming. Your customer service is above average and your shop is more organized than shops I have visited in the past.

Kevin Wright, Hurst, TX 07/28/10

Excellent facility.  Excellent employees. Great customer service. Everything was fixed and there were no issues.  You delivered when you said, with what you promised being done.

Marilyn Rankin, Fort Worth, TX 07/25/10

Jeffrey’s Automotive is nice and friendly. They were waiting to help when I arrived.  Customer service was excellent. Their attitude when I walked in sets them apart from other automotive repair shops that I have visited in the past.

Jamie Atchley, Keller, TX 07/06/10 via Customer Lobby

I trust them completely.

Jeffrey’s Automotive has taken care of my car for many years. I would say that I have been using them for 15 to 20 years. Whenever something breaks, I trust them to give me an honest answer. They get it fixed the right way and when they say.

I never have to worry about them trying to sell me more than I need. I trust them completely. They always fix things correctly. Whatever they say, you can believe. They have always, always treated us right. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Lisa McCutcheon, Fort Worth, TX 07/02/10 via Google

Knowledge and Experience Counts

After visits to 3 shops over a 5 month time span and several hundred wasted dollars later, my check engine light appeared once again. A referral by a friend to Jeffrey’s had me at their doorstep on a Friday afternoon just moments after calling them for an appointment. Not only did they diagnose the problem immediately, but I was treated like I was their favorite customer. I received a detailed cost estimate and explanation of the work that needed to be done. I returned on Monday afternoon to have the work done in less than an hour. That was almost a year ago. The shop’s commitment to close on the weekends so employees can spend Saturday and Sunday with family is admirable. I assume it is part of the reason that I see the same faces each time I take my vehicle there, whether it’s been for an oil change, battery replacement or state inspection. I never hesitate to tell others that Jeffrey’s is where they need to go.

Monica Head, Keller, TX  07/02/10 via Google

The Female Automotive Repair Shop

My husband and I are thankful for a place like Jeffrey Automotive. As a female I have no problem taking our cars in by myself as I know they are honest and will not make up false repairs. We have used them for years and recommend them to all our friends! It is a great place run by quality people!

Mindy Tyndall, Fort Worth, TX 07/02/10 via Insider Pages

‘Thank you for keeping us on the road…’

We have used Jeffrey Automotive for years. In the past 3 months, I’ve had two breakdowns…in different cars…right at closing time, but they took the time to send a wrecker for me! Being recently widowed, I am so glad to know the Jeffrey family will be there to help with my vehicle repairs! They will give you a fair estimate and always let you know if more work is needed. You usually work with the same technician so you form a rapport with them. Because of my situation, I can’t get a new car…so it’s good to know that Jeffrey’s will make sure the one I drive is road ready!

Nika Maples, Fort Worth, TX 07/01/10 via Insider Pages

Jeffrey’s is First Class!

Excellent! In fact, my favorite aspect of Jeffrey’s Automotive is the name itself. It lets you know from the moment you drive up that you are   dealing with a FAMILY. Many who work there share the family name and want to give the ultimate service, because it reflects directly on who they are. Even beyond family, there are not many “recent hires” at Jeffrey’s. Perry, Danny, and the rest have been dedicated employees for more than two decades, so they take care of your vehicle with the excellent Jeffrey reputation, as well. You would never get that kind of personal, respectful, vehicle care at a generic car repair center. When other mechanics are “here today and gone tomorrow,” they do not want to build strong professional relationships with customers. Every technician at Jeffrey’s does. You can trust your car to the same dependable people on every visit.

As a single woman who doesn’t know a THING about car maintenance, I feel nervous going anywhere else. But at Jeffrey’s, they treat me like an honored guest: always suggesting the most reasonable solutions and prices, always looking out for my safety, always making me glad my car is in THE RIGHT PLACE!

This week, I had a tune-up and brake service. When I could not stay for the service, they took me back to my house, so that I could get on with my day. They called before every vehicle procedure. When they suggested new tires (Mine were worn down completely!!) they offered to call around to various tire centers to help me find the best deal. Finally they helped make the appointment for me and drove my car over to the tire store.

I am telling you, there is no generic car center that would welcome you as if you were a guest in their home. No. Only a family does that.

I respect Jeffrey’s Automotive. I have benefited from their dedication for the 25 years I have lived in NRH. They are a business hinge on Denton Hwy. and a golden asset to our community.

Angela Mallette, Watauga, TX 06/02/10 via Customer Lobby

I trust Jeffrey’s Automotive. They are dependable and honest. If there is a problem they will let me know ahead of time

I know that  they would never do work and then charge me without first communicating. They go the extra mile to get what we need.
Rarely have we waited for more than a day for our car. Usually we drop it off around opening and pick it up that same day.

Sometimes the service takes 2 days if they have trouble getting a part. In the 15 years we have used them it is always quick service.

My biggest thing is being able to trust my mechanic since there are so many places that will rip people off.

Jeffrey’s Automotive is really honest, dependable, and does great work.

Shirley Hambek, Watauga TX, 05/27/10

Anytime I make an appointment with Jeffrey’s Automotive I can get in at least by the next day. They always give me an accurate estimate.  We are repeat customers with both of our cars, and have been using them for about 4 or 5 years. The quality of the repairs fine! I believe they are honest which is something everyone looks for in a mechanic.

Eileen Kaplan, North Olmstead Ohio, 05/21/10

I recently moved and one of the most difficult things I left behind are the services I have received from Jeffrey’s Automotive. Danny and the staff have been wonderful over the past 8 years.  I will always be grateful for the gentlemen, especially Danny, who have performed top service on my vehicles.  I will miss Jeffrey’s and will certainly stop in when I am in Texas from time to time.

Paula Shaffer, Fort Worth, 05/18/10

I was very satisfied. I felt very comfortable when I entered your establishment. I was also impressed that I was invited to come back for future services.  Your facility, as well as the staff, were very well organized and provided great service.  I will recommend your shop to everyone I know.  I work at a large corporation that has an automotive department. I will highly recommend your facility over my place of employment who offers “low prices”.

Mike Ervin, Fort Worth, 05/10/10

Very Satisfied. The person that did the exhaust on my car was great!  I recommend a raise for him.

Marilyn Jones, Southlake, TX 04/26/10 via Customer Lobby

They genuinely care that you are satisfied! We were referred to Jeffrey’s Automotive by Discount Tires about 3 years ago and have been using Jeffrey’s ever since. They are very personable and the work they do is very good quality.

At Jeffrey’s, they listen to you and call you with an estimate before doing anything. They are very customer-service oriented. They genuinely care that you are satisfied and that the work is done to your liking.

They have done major repair work for us on multiple cars and we have been very satisfied. This is not just a job for them. They want you to come back. There are other shops that are closer to us but we continue to go to Jeffrey’s Automotive because it is well worth it.

Mark Biebighauser, Hurst, TX 04/20/10 via Customer Lobby

I had a good time in their office waiting on my repairs. The service advisors (Kevin and Jerry) were laughing and telling jokes, they really seemed that they enjoyed their jobs. It made me feel comfortable and at ease.

Charles Lewis, Fort Worth, TX 04/20/10

You have done such a great job on our families cars! I want you to know how thankful we are for your honest and dependable service. Keep up the good work and God bless.

CarTalk.com – reviewer #145051, 2010

Jeffrey’s is one of those last great independently owned shops. They are family-owned. They have been around over 30 years, and they treat you right, and I know I can trust they have not only fixed my truck, but probably at least checked out my truck to see if I’ve got other things wrong as well (I don’t think they just make up stuff just to sell me something). When I walk in, there are family pictures around the waiting area (which is clean by the way). The guys at the counter really help me understand what’s going on and don’t talk to me like I’m stupid (and yet I know nothing about cars).

Robert Simmons, Bedford, TX 04/16/10

Your facility is clean, well organized, and reflective of the successful small business practices and beliefs that have guided and blessed the ownership…I was excellently satisfied with service and technology of equipment to determine the actual service needed. I will recommend your shop to others!

Gracie Reed, Fort Worth, TX 04/09/10 via Facebook

I am glad that I have a mechanic I can trust and that does not lie to me to get more money…thanks Jefffrey’s Automotive for having Christian trustworthy men on your staff…

Wes Herbol, Keller, TX 04/07/10

Jeffrey’s is an outstanding Christian friendly place!

Top notch service! I will recommend your shop to others!

Don Springer, Hurst, TX 04/02/10

You have a manly facility. Your integrity amazed me. You ordered a $600 part and decided at installation that it was not needed. You absorbed the cost. I have already recommended your shop to others and will continue to do so!

Nathan Martin, Watauga, TX 03/29/10 via Customer Lobby

The Best Around!

I have been using Jeffrey’s Automotive for about three years. Their staff is very knowledgeable, they get me in and out quickly, and their prices are very competitive. I also really appreciate that they do not try to sell me anything I do not need. They focus on the problem and don’t try to drown me with a lot of extras.

It has been a very pleasant experience.

Richard Peterson, Haslet, TX 03/24/10 via Customer Lobby

Follow ups are rare in a garage

My service manager, Kevin was very professional. He called me with updates every few hours just to give me some news about my car. I enjoyed dealing directly with him and not feeling like I’m in the dark if my car is getting the right repairs performed. He saved all my parts so I could see what I had purchased without me even asking. I will return to Jeffrey’s for all of our families car repairs.

Terry Burns, Keller, TX 03/18/10 via Customer Lobby

Quality work by well trained techs, fast service and resonable rates.

To sum it up in a word “WOW”. I went in for transmission service and to have a tailpipe bracket re welded. When the tech raised my vehicle and started draining the trans. he checked out other parts, and pointed issue`s out to me. The last time that I got my fuel filter replaced (at another shop) the guy used nylon zip ties to hold it on. We both laughed and he quickly fixed it the right way at no charge. Then my vehicle was off  to the exhaust dept. where I met a great guy who took pride in his work. He quickly fixed the bracket and also fixed some other issue`s that were not done right at another garage. This guy did not finish until my complete exhaust system was checked out, and for the first time ever, my tailpipes were hanging perfectly on both sides with same amount of clearance on each side. I was able to stand right there and watch the work being done, ask questions and discuss with the techs, options on the work being completed. I was very pleased with all of the staff, but that exhaust guy has got to be the best in the business. I am a customer for life now.

Scott Casey, Fort Worth, TX 03/15/10 via Customer Lobby

Outstanding garage

You can trust these guys. They saved me hundreds of dollars over the dealership.

Lorie Bevers, Keller, TX 03/10/10 via Customer Lobby

Jeffrey’s Get’s a Big Thumbs Up!

I was first referred to Jeffrey’s many years ago. It is because of their honesty, fair pricing & outstanding service that I continue to go back. I’d recommend Jeffrey’s to anyone.

Bill Cook, Keller, TX 03/02/10 via Insider Pages

Reputable and Honest
These guys are honest and reliable. I let them do all the work on both of my cars and have always been more than happy. Let them know Bill Cook sent you!

Don Box, North Richland Hills, TX 03/08/10 via Customer Lobby

A Christian-run organization. They keep the customer’s needs in mind.

I do most of my own mechanic work, but whenever I need experts I go to Jeffrey’s Automotive. They work with you to satisfy your particular needs. They go out of their way to make the experience convenient. They even took me home after I dropped off my car. That was very helpful.  Also, Jeffrey’s Automotive offers a variety of services, like mufflers and welding work, that go beyond normal automotive work.
You can trust your car with Jeffrey’s Automotive.

Danny Johnston, Grapevine, TX 03/05/10

Your facility is clean, inviting and professional. You have great service and I will return!

Phil Martin, Fort Worth, TX 03/05/10 via Customer Lobby

Pleasant automotive center. They care about your time. We have fifteen trucks in our company that we have serviced with Jeffrey’s Automotive at various times. We have been using them for approximately ten years, and they never fail to do what they say. 

The people that run Jeffrey’s Automotive are honest, quality professionals. They are genuinely concerned about your down time and they do all they can to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible. They get on it and get it out! 

I recommend anyone to use Jeffrey’s Automotive and I can guarantee they will be back.

Jim Ott, Poolville, TX 02/22/10

Your shop is clean and friendly. I was very satisfied with your service. You could give GM Service Facilities an education on how service should be done. I will definitely recommend your shop to others.

Roberta Wyatt, North Richland Hills, TX 02/22/10

You have a very nice facility and I was very satisfied with your service. I will recommend your shop to others.

Barry W, Keller, TX 02/12/10 via Insider Pages

Treated fast and honestly late Friday
I called Jeffrey’s Auto at 3 pm on a Fri 2-12-2010 to see if they could look at my sons truck. I got there name from yellow pages internet search. I live in Keller, about 6 miles away. They said bring it in now and they would get it on a lift. Twenty mins later I was there and truck was on a lift. I told them the front end shakes on turns. They checked power steering pump and front seal was leaking and mechanic explained when the liquid gets low, air gets in the line and makes it vibrate when used as in turns. The mechanic was willing to replace it before closing time at 5:30 pm (it was now 4 pm), but they could not find one in stock after Jerry called 3-4 places. I will probably let my son go back to Houston in it and we will fix in next few weeks when he can now that I know its not dangerous to drive. I was very pleased with the quick service and honesty, and to top it off, they did not charge me anything. I had a leaking radiator fixed there a year earlier, that might have helped, but I did not remember the place’s name until I pulled into the parking lot. I feel bad that I may not get that truck fixed there, but I need a tune up on my Envoy, and they will be doing it. The real kicker to the honesty part is my son had taken it to a Firestone store in Houston and they never identified the real problem, but did recommend replacing the power steering pump and hose because of obvious leak and also said we needed new brake rotors because they were probably warped (probably mind you, does not shake when going straight and brakes applied), new shocks, repack wheel bearings, and a front end alignment. Over a $1100 just to blanket everything that might be causing the shake.
I usually do a lot of my own repairs over the past 30 years so know a fair amount about cars. I observed other people come in for service and was amazed to here the service guy tell them what they probably needed was much less than what some thought they needed. One guy came in with his daughter and an estimate from another shop and the service rep took the time to look at it and tell him it was mostly correct except for one item and it might be needed, but it was better to run the electronic diagnostic and not be guessing with high dollar replacements. I don’t know these guys from Adam, but they will do all my repairs from now on and I will refer others as I hope I am doing in this message. Thanks Jerry, Barry W from Keller. Silver Ford Sport trac so you will know who it was.

Mike McDonald, Granbury, TX 02/15/10

Your facility was clean, efficient and larger than I expected. Quick service and excellent customer service from the moment you walk in. I was very satisfied and will recommend this shop to others.

Charles Scoma, North Richland Hills, TX 02/10/10

You have an outstanding reputation. I have been very satisfied for over 15 years. We have recommended this shop many times and have gotten good reports from our friends!

Marilyn Jones, Grapevine, TX 01/29/10

Very nice facility. Very satisfied with service. I will definitely recommend your shop to others. It was great to find that ACU connection!

Charles Savage, Fort Worth, TX 01/25/10

Jeffrey’s fixed it right the first time…I would highly recommend Jeffrey’s Automotive for anyone looking for accurate estimates, friendly service, timely repairs and quality mechanic work.

Victoria Hall, Fort Worth, TX  01/22/10

Very nice and courteous.  They don’t talk down to women as the dealerships did.  I feel comfortable coming here.  They fixed it in one time what the dealership didn’t in 3 trips.  The service given was excellent – done right the first time.  I will definitely return again!

Pam M. (customer for 20 years!) , Fort Worth, TX   01/20/10

Love Jeffrey’s Auto!
For years and years I have trusted them to handle my automobile issues. I was never anything but pleased with their honest dealings with me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any auto issues. Anytime I hear that someone is looking for a place to take their car I tell them to go there.

Big D, Saginaw, TX 01/20/10

My wife averages 25k miles a year all around the Metroplex – any being I am gone a lot, we are dependent on someone we can trust. The staff is great and it says a lot that the same guys have been working on our cars for years. It really has not cost much but the peace of mind is priceless. The Jeffreys are not just our car guys, we call them friends as well!

DKTCBV, Keller, TX 01/20/10

What I loved is they offered multiple options and gave me the pros and cons of both. I felt they were extremely honest…professional, helpful and above board.

Connie Rhodes, Watauga, TX  01/17/10

Everyone is courteous and professional. I always receive a detailed explanation of services and costs, as well as time required for repairs.  I have trusted Jeffrey’s Automotive with all my car and truck repairs for 26 years.  They are dependable and qualified, as well as honest. I have recommended family and friends, as well as strangers to Jeffrey’s. I try to keep extra business cards with me for that purpose.

Regina & Howard Cagle, Watauga, TX  01/15/10

The facility was clean and well staffed. Service was fast and very informative with options to take care of problem. Mu complaint was fixed that morning and other suggestions were made to keep car running and safe. The gentlemen at this auto shop are courteous and work hard to keep costs down. My husband and I regularly recommend Jeffrey’s Automotive for service and affordability

David Vick, Watauga, TX  01/07/10

Jeffrey’s Automotive is where we take our vehicles for repairs…
We have used Jeffrey’s Automotive for the last six years. They have always been friendly, truthful and less expensive than the dealership. They are good about always discussing my options with me before they do the work… they genuinely care. I appreciate their trustworthy service and plan to continue to use them.

Marilyn Holland, TX  12/31/09

Jeffrey’s Automotive is trustworthy!
If you want a mechanic you can trust, then you must visit Jeffrey’s Automotive! You will never be deceived but will be blessed always. Have used this company many, many times over the past 15 years and have recommended it to others also. Always satisfied and a name you can always trust!!

Betty Peterson, Fort Worth, TX  12/22/09

Your facility has the feeling of a well-organized family-owned business.  You get the feeling that you can get the same service that you get from a dealership, but with a more friendly staff.  I have been a customer of Jeffrey’s for several years.  I have always found your service representatives to be very honest and trustworthy.  I have highly recommended your shop to all of my friends and co-workers.

David Rojo, Fort Worth, TX, 12/21/09

Christian-based and friendly.  Jeffrey’s is clean, organized, courteous, professional and very helpful.  Great staff!

Lorelli Washington, Irving, TX, 12/21/09

Great honest group of professionals!  Extremely satisfied.

Dolores Walter, Fort Worth, TX, 12/18/09

Very friendly!  Excellent service.

Doniell Peterson, TX, 12/18/09

Very professional and clean.  Very satisfied.

Kent Rhodes, Fort Worth, TX, 12/16/09 via Facebook

It’s nice knowing when you ask your mechanic’s opinion on repairs that you are getting the truth and not just a “potential sale” – thanks Jeffrey’s Automotive

Bryce U., Keller, TX, 12/15/09

Jeffrey’s Automotive is outstanding!
The service given here was outstanding. I honestly feel like I can trust your service reps…. Everytime I had a question it was answered quickly and correctly. I was even given a ride home so that I could get my computer so that I could work while I waited. I thought the facility was clean and organized. I was impressed with the volume of customers and steady activity for all the guys working upfront. That is a good sign to me! Lots of customers means good serviced happy clients! I absolutely recommend this shop to others!

Private Member, 12/02/09 via Angie’s List

They were excellent. It was a good experience. They showed me everything that was wrong and not just told me what was wrong. I was very impressed with them. This is who we will be using in Fort Worth. One of the workers drove me back to the hotel and picked me up. They are very honest.

Jason S., Fort Worth, TX, 12/02/09

Jeffrey’s Automotive is family friendly and has a Christian atmosphere
I was very impressed with their facility. They are family friendly and have a Christian Atmosphere. I felt very comfortable leaving my vehicle in their hands. They are trustworthy and ethical in their service. I was completely satisfied and would absolutely recommend this shop to others!

Mitch K., Fort Worth, TX, 11/24/09

Jeffrey’s Automotive is professional and courteous. They are customer oriented. It is obvious that the mechanics at Jeffrey’s really know what they are doing. We were satisfied 100%. I have been bringing my cars to Jeffrey’s for years and have never had a bad experience. They are honest and can be trusted which says everything! I would highly recommend this shop to others!

Anita Brock, North Richland Hills, TX, 11/24/09

Jeffrey’s Automotive is honest and trustworthy!
As a single woman responsible for a car and truck, I appreciate the honesty and trustworthiness of the guys at Jeffrey’s Automotive. I am thankful for a job well done!

Private Member, 03/25/09 via Angie’s List

. . . The people in his shop and office are very attentive to your needs. He is a full service shop and he has a lot of people working for him. I will continue to take my cars there.

John Hambek, Fort Worth, TX, June ’08

I go to you guys because I trust you.

CarTalk.com reviewer #115110, ’08

They have done work on my Ford Focus on 3 occasions and each time I was extremely pleased, and felt very comfortable with them. I always felt like I got a good price.

CarTalk.com reviewer #95665, ’07

have been using Jeffrey’s Automotive for 10+ years and have found them to be very competent and fairly priced. I know that I can bring my cars in (have or have had: Buicks [Century/La Sabre/Park Avenue], Mercurys [Grand Marquis], Fords [Thunderbird/Crown Victoria])and they will not only do a good job but stand behind the work they do for me.

Private Member, 06/18/07 via Angie’s List

They were quick with such an extensive amount of work. I have not had any problems at all. I have used them in the past for my auto repair needs. I would highly recommend Jeffrey’s to everyone.

A Yahoo! Local User, 02/8/07 via Yahoo Local

THE BEST: This is the best automotive shop I have ever came across. They are true, and honest, and will not tell you something wrong. This is the # 1 business in my book. I recommend all my friends and family to go here.

Private Member, 11/07/05 via Angie’s List


Lori H., Fort Worth, TX, 10/22/05

We had gone thru 3 different mechanics with estimates and Jeffrey’s was the only place that gave us two different scenarios/quotes on how to fix our car problems. They did it in a timely manner and answered all our questions. We’ll definitely go back to them.

Private Member, 10/28/04 via Angie’s List


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