Wheel alignment is an adjustment Jeffrey’s Automotive can make on your car or truck! Several reasons to do this:

  • to ensure the tires are calibrated to point straight ahead
  • makes a vehicle steer easily and allows tires to wear evenly
  • to correct any problem (not visible to the normal human eye) where your car accidentally hit the median, curb or a pothole in the road

Fort Worth mechanic - need alignment? We are a Christian automotive repair business and are here to help you!There are telltale signs of a vehicle in need of an alignment. The tire that is pointing off-center will pull the vehicle in the direction it is oriented. For example, if the right front tire is nudged slightly inward (left), the steering wheel will pull left while driving on a flat, even surface. The driver will have to maintain a right-pull on the steering wheel to keep the vehicle headed straight — even when driving on a flat, straight road. This is not only annoying, but the tire that is out of alignment will also wear prematurely and unevenly because of the constant drag placed on its tread. The drag can also decrease the car’s mileage.

VIDEO: Why your car needs an alignment

If you are not sure or just feel like it’s time, come let us do an alignment check on your vehicle. You may not need any further adjustment at all – but if you do, we can fix it! Call us at 817-485-7340.