When concerned about whether your vehicle needs an alignment, ask these questions:

  • Do you feel the steering wheel shake?
  • Have you recently installed new tires?
  • Have you checked your alignment in the past 3 months?
  • Does your car swerve left or noticeably to the right?

Your vehicle’s suspension system serves a dual purpose – contributing to the vehicle’s handling and braking for good active safety and driving pleasure, and keeping vehicle occupants comfortable and reasonably well isolated from road noise, bumps and vibrations. These goals are generally at odds, so the tuning of suspensions involves finding the right compromise. The suspension also protects the vehicle itself and any cargo or luggage from damage and wear.

Proper alignment geometry will extend not only tire life but also the life of your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems. Alignment problems even affect fuel economy!

While most of our customers don’t know the difference in the types of equipment a mechanic uses to fix their car, we do!  Unlike other automotive repair shops in the area, Jeffrey’s employs two Hunter 811 Laser Wheel Alignment Systems on site ensuring our customers a precision alignment. If you are comparing mechanics, be sure and compare the equipment they use and the state-of-the-art equipment we employ.  It will positively make a difference in the quality of your wheel alignment!

At Jeffrey’s, we can help you eliminate the worry when it comes to your suspension system. Our technicians use the latest technology and equipment to help your vehicle run smooth and safe!

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