Does your car's brakes need to be replaced? Maybe not. Jeffrey's Automotive: Brake Repair in Fort Worth, Keller, NRH, Watauga, Southlake, Sagniaw and surrounding areas

Recently, Fort Worth customer, Justin Siddall, explained a unique situation:

“I initially took my car in to have the brakes checked as they were grinding. The mechanic checked everything out and, lo an behold, said there must have been something that got stuck on a pad. No real problem, no charge. 90% of mechanics would find SOMETHING to replace and charge you for. I’ve continued to get an honest vibe when I’ve been there.”

And earlier, another Fort Worth customer, Jim Fortenberry, described his experience:

“I went in too have brake master cylinder replaced. Danny called and explained it was covered under Nissan recall and told me which Nissan dealer to go to. no charge. i will be back to Jeffrey’s for any service in the future. they are honest and quick.”

At Jeffrey’s, we offer complete car care, including a quality brake inspection.  And that doesn’t automatically mean you will be hit with an expensive brake repair bill.  If you are worried about how much a brake check costs, don’t worry! Click on the button below and schedule your appointment today for your FREE brake check: