While this past weekend finally started feeling a little like winter, March and April are right around the corner.  Just think:  in a few weeks, it will be time for Spring Break.   It’ll be time to get your vehicle ready for Spring! And in Texas, when it’s Spring – that can also bring slick rainy roads, too.

So a lot of our customers want to know if they should get their brakes checked before heading out on that Spring Break road trip.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How long has it been since your brake fluid has been checked?  We usually recommend an annual inspection.
  • Do you know the braking system should be flushed and the fluid replaced periodically?
  • Have you seen the brake warning light on?
  • Do you hear continuous squealing or grinding ?

Be car care aware and let us inspect your brakes this week – Spring Break is just a few weeks away!

You car deserves a break too, a “brake check”!

Worried about the cost of a brake check?  Don’t – at Jeffrey’s we are eager to give you a FREE brake check!

At Jeffrey’s, our job is to keep you safe! Click the button below to set up your appointment today for your FREE brake check.