Fort Worth Mechanic:  Could You Use Less Brake Noise?

Brakes are essential for your safety, yet most people take them for granted.  Brakes are critical for safe travel on the road, but who really thinks about them on a family road trip?  However, when those brakes start making noise, it’s hard to ignore them.

Well, actually people do ignore them alot more than they should.  They turn up the radio, put on the headphones, or even talk a little louder in hopes that no one around will notice the squeals and screeches.

Sounds silly, right?

Are your brakes making  too much noise?

If you have disc brakes, then your brakes come with a rather simple alert system:  noise.  When it’s time for your pads to be changed, you’ll start to hear your wear indicators scratching along and making a not so pleasant squealing sound.  This needs to be checked immediately!  If you need less noise from your brakes, ditch the headphones and turn down the volume on the car radio.

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