Car Repair Reviews – Summer 2019

Reviews of Jeffrey's Automotive Repair - Mechanic - Garage


  • Very good people to work on any vehicle.
    Jerry Forbes, June 19 via Google


  • Having to have unexpected auto repairs is never a positive experience, but the crew at Jeffrey’s did everything right. Process started at 0900 and I drove out at 1600 same day. Professional folks here, with no unnecessary fees.
    Darryl Wright, June 18 via Google


  • Our work vehicle was out of town and they made us priority! Helpful in all aspects, fixed a tedious job in 1 day and got us on the road. Wish they were in my State because they would become our primary mechanics! Grateful for them being prompt, compassionate and courteous!
    Ariel Williams, June 15 via Google


  • I like the service quick and straight forward no hidden charge.  The Do, June 15 via Google


  • This place is great they are fast and budget-friendly with great service I take both my vehicles to them when needed.
    Bianca Solis, June 13 via Google


  • I did not have an appointment but needed service on my Jeep while I waited. I watched as a continuous line of people poured in the door. Even though extremely busy, they had my car done in a very short time. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job on my car. From the number of people bringing in cars, they must do a great job on everyone’s car. I’m glad I found them and I will be back.
    Marilyn Flynn, June 12 via Google


  • Very polite and awesome place my brother Tyson just jus barely started working at Jeffery’s automotive and I would recommend it to anyone.
    Justice Connell, June 12 via Google


  • Great experience, I highly recommend them for your auto service. I went in expecting to pay $2500 on a new electronic power steering system. However, they were able to find a smaller issue causing my problems. Was a nice surprise to only spend $400. Very fast, friendly and honest service. Thanks.
    Trey Posey, June 12 via Google


  • Good place for all Automotive needs!
    Tony Rodriguez, June 12 via Google


  • Best mechanic shop around!
    Dante Preciado, June 11 via Google


  • They were very nice. We needed the air worked on. It’s a used car we didn’t know it had no condenser because of a previous wreck and Danny told us up front they couldn’t fix it because there was no room for a condenser. They did fix the brakes and did so quickly. 1 day and ready.
    Vicki Scearce, June 08 via Google


  • Great experience! My first time here. I am a divorced woman and I am always reluctant when I am surrounded by a profession that is mainly done by men because I am too aware of people taking advantage. I didn’t feel like this at all. Thank you!
    Michelle Shelley, June 06 via Google


  • Very professional! They did exactly what they said they would do. Would recommend for automotive repairs.
    Paul Lemons, June 04 via Google


  • Excellent service. Kept in contact to let me know how things were going on my car. Highly recommend. Very courteous staff.
    Gloria Paul, June 01 via Google