Car Repair Reviews – Summer 2019

Reviews of Jeffrey's Automotive Repair - Mechanic - Garage


  • Keith Miller, September 9th, via Google

    My daughter moved to Dallas from Arkansas and within a week of being there her Jeep broke down. Danny found out what was wrong and told me exactly what the charges would be. I find them to be honest and helpful. It was a pleasure to do business with them.

    Osnea Cisterna, September 6th, via Google

    I got referred to them because they were honest and not it top foresee you so when I needed my front end aligned, I went to them. They lived up to their reputation! They couldn’t get both sides done on the first go because of some stuck bolts so they put special oil on it and had me come back next day without charging my anything extra! My car got aligned and Jefferies got a new regular customer!

    Timothy Hooper, September 5th, via Google

    Unfortunately, a lot of times it’s hard to find an honest mechanic… if you’re worried about that or have had the misfortune of dealing with shady mechanics, and need good work done by an honest mechanic/business, I’d highly recommend going to Jeffrey’s. I worked with Tyler up there at Jeffrey’s. They were able to get my car repaired for a fraction of what other auto repair shops wanted to charge me. This is the second time I’ve used Jeffrey’s and will continue to go back there and as well I’ll be recommending them to all family and friends.

    Randy Fleming, September 2nd, via Google

    I had a very positive experience at Jeffrey’s. I had a couple of broken lug nut studs that needed to be replaced on my truck. They were able to work me in without a prior appointment and performed the repair the same day I needed it. I’m very pleased with their service.

    Steve Quance, August 30th, via Google

    I found everyone at Jeffries to be very knowledgeable and professional. Even when I inquired about additional work, they said it wasn’t necessary and to wait until it was needed. This will be my automotive go-to from now on.

    Rochelle Culbert, August 28th, via Google


    Mark Dagley, August 27th, via Google

    Excellent and timely service as always. I’ve been using Jeffreys for many years. I always come back. They are always on time and honest folks and honor warranty repairs

    Tim Cope, August 24th, via Google

    My experience at Jeffrey automotive was pleasant. The work on my car was completed in a timely manner.

    Seuss Fan13, August 24th, via Google

    Excellent service, both in the repair bay and at their front desk. My car is now aligned, and I was in and out of here in less than an hour. No surprise fees at checkout, either. It was my first visit, but I’ll definitely be back.

    Tony Rios, August 24th, via Google

    Very fast and very reliable.

    Yolanda Yazzie, August 21st, via Google

    Great people!

    Brad Hunter, August 20th, via Google

    Good prices and quick service!!!! Call them ask for Tyson.

    Bonita Seelig, August 20th, via Google

    Always a pleasant atmosphere, friendly, and less expensive…always surprises me!

    Kathleen Langdon, August 20th, via Google

    I have a 2006 car and I had gotten an estimate at another place I thought I could trust for $780. That place did not tell me there was a more permanent alternative comparable in price. They completed the job for $465 That is what I call honesty. They were so friendly and personable. As a senior citizen they have found a customer for life

    Gary Wright, August 16th, via Google

    Fast friendly, professional service.

    Nhien Nguyen, August 15th, via Google

    Good service.

    Mike H, August 15th, via Google

    Tony took care my needs and communicated with me thru entire repair. Good job

    Anthony Salvato, August 10th, via Google

    I would just like to say that Tony was a great help. Tony spent time with me and explained everything without rushing me and the work they did was very good.

    Braden Jordan, August 8th, via Google

    Great shop to get any work done on your car best mechanics and workers I’ve seen best work done on fixing it and they do it quickly and over the top each time I go here for all my car work even my inspection

    T Girl, August 8th, via Google

    Great customer service and completed my alignment quickly while I waited.

    Meg Adams, August 8th, via Google

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

    Joel Garcia, August 7th, via Google

    Took my car to get an alignment they did good job and fast.

    Pat Salcedo, August 6th, via Google

    Prompt service. Very good at explaining what is going on with my vehicle. I am so glad I found Jeffrey’s. Staff is excellent!!

    Anessa R, August 6th, via Google

    Fast and awesome service! Very nice employees as well.

    Dianne Kramer, August 5th, via Google

    I use Jefferies because of the honest work performed by excellent mechanics. They do great work and always have your car ready at the estimated time. The staff in the office are very courteous and will listen to your car needs. Give them a try.

    Ibrain Carpena, August 1st, via Google

    Wife went in to get her battery checked and it was all high praise from her about their services. It’s hard to find trustworthy mechanics that won’t rack up your bill but they’re genuinely looking out for their costumers’ best interest. We’ll be making Jeffrey’s our go to shop for all our vehicle needs

    Joe Wilborn, July 30th, via Google

    Jeffrey’s automotive handled my issue with my truck with ease and fixed it in a timely manner.

    Mark Smith, July 28th, via Google

    Awesome and honest people. Take care of the problem. Don’t do repairs that aren’t needed. I highly recommend Jeffrey’s.

    Triston Dahlke, July 27th, via Google

    Great fast service with friendly staff 10/10 would recommend again.

    Brandi Smith, July 25th, via Google

    What a great experience with an automotive shop. These guys actually cared about the safety of my vehicle and family. It’s not every day you find a group of mechanics like this. I would especially like to thank Tony at the front desk and Stephen the mechanic who worked on my truck. These two guys earned my trust and respect and from now on this will be where I take my vehicles! Thanks again guys!!

    Brian Archibald, July 24th, via Google

    Tony was super helpful in talking me through the repair of my truck. Price came in exactly with what I was told initially. Work was done exactly when they said it would be. Will definitely be using this shop for future work as required.

    Bethani Funderburk, July 24th, via Google

    Great prices. Great service. Great people. So grateful Discount Tire referred me to them. Will definitely return for service

    Gene Mueller, July 18th, via Google

    This was my first time using Jeffrey’s Automotive; I was recommended to try them out and was quite impressed with the facility and staff. Reasonable rates for the services that were provided. Worked with Ron in the front office, I had multiple issues that needed attention, Ron listened to what I was needing done to my pickup and things progressed smoothly. My pickup runs great again. Will go back when needing service to any of my vehicles in the future. Thanks Gene Mueller

    Jim, July 18th, via Google

    Great attention to detail, excellent work done on time as promised.

    Donna Sanchez, July 18th, via Google

    Nice place! Great people! Great atmosphere! Great service! Great price! Thank you Jeffrey’s Automotive.

    Robert Sands, June 19th, via Google

    This is the third time I’ve had vehicles serviced at Jeffrey’s and I couldn’t be happier with their business. I had a power steering rack leaking fluid which the dealer in Lewisville quoted $1100 (after having already replaced it once) and Jeffrey’s did it for under $1000. It would have been same day service but the part they received was not up to their standards. Some might think they were up-selling by checking plugs and recommending replacement, but with a used car approaching 100k miles I appreciated their recommendation. Convenient location, fast, friendly service, check with you before starting work. Very professional. I won’t go anywhere else for car service.

    Brad Byers, June 21st, via Google

    Great staff. Roy explained everything perfectly. Great job!

    Barbara Schommer, June 21st, via Google

    Made an appt got in the minute I arrived. Thoroughly checked out my car with no long wait. Definitely a shop I’ll use again.

    Dan Jensen, June 21st, via Google

    I have used Jeffrey’s Automotive for repairs on my daughters Audi, my wife’s LEXUS and now my Ford Expedition and I can’t say enough good about them and how I was treated by Tony!!! Excellent service, professional workmanship and just plane old honesty and integrity!!!!! Thanks so much, Dan Jensen

    Eunsung Lee, June 21st, via Google

    Best mechanics, family like service and no up charge. 100% would recommend this one-stop shop!

    Tom Wagon, June 22nd, via Google

    Great service. Went in for an alignment issue. Called in the morning to see about making an appointment and Danny said get here as soon as you can and we’ll get you taken care of. Arrived to find the place really busy but they were still able to take my car into a bay. Just ten minutes later Danny asked me to take a look at my car. Now I was fairly certain that I might have had a ball joint issue but was hoping against it. Well Danny and the tech pointed out that I needed a new ball joint before they could get the alignment done. They also recommended new struts but not in a shady running up the score kinda way. Got the new ball joint and alignment. Great work. Will definitely be back for any future repairs.

    Austin Black, June 25th, via google

    Pretty much the worst auto repair experience I’ve had. Terrible communication. I took my car in on a Friday because they were the only place that had time to look at my A/C problem. They never called me with an estimate and held my car hostage over the weekend. I don’t have the expertise to question their diagnosis of my problem, but I wish I had got a second opinion. They told me that the compressor and the dryer all needed to be replaced, and the bill was about double what my worst case scenario cost was. I’ll be going elsewhere for future auto repairs.

    Jonel M, June 28th, via google

    Professional, honest, friendly, and fast!! This was my first time here. I will certainly use them for all my needs. It’s been difficult finding a place that is honest. I feel blessed to have been referred to Jeffrey’s Automotive!

    Brandee Thompson, June 29th, via google

    They were able to fit me in last minute to fix a stud on my vehicle.

    Lou Quiles, July 3rd, via google

    Great customer service.

    Daivd Hatch, July 4th, via google

    Fast service!

    Michelle Grimes, July 4th, via google

    Very friendly, have a great staff, fast and professional!

    Tyler Tillerson, July 4th, via google

    Went in for an alignment – just $45! Courteous and quick, I’ll be back with future business.

    Judi McNeese, July 6th, via google

    Was very impressed by the service and quality. Took my car on time as scheduled and didn’t say I needed anything else. Great job!! I can tell the difference!! I’ll be back & will refer all my friends etc to Jeffrey’s!! Thx

    Neset Onen, July 9th, via google

    Very polite people. Correct diagnosis on my vehicle’s problem and fixed the issue in very reasonable time.

    Annette Blount, July 14th, via google

    Great job done as always. Took a little longer than I had hoped but we made it work with the list of stuff we needed done. Thank you for always making things right!

    John Ruiz, July 16th, via google

    great value for an automotive repair place

    Abby Cowart, July 16th, via google

    They are a rare diamond in the ruff…. they are absolutely amazing…. I can’t thank Jeffreys enough for listening to my whining and crying and sometimes impatient self…. they never disappoint…. thanks, guys, for always doing yalls job top notch definitely a step above the rest in their line of business😁

  • Very good people to work on any vehicle.
    Jerry Forbes, June 19 via Google


  • Having to have unexpected auto repairs is never a positive experience, but the crew at Jeffrey’s did everything right. Process started at 0900 and I drove out at 1600 same day. Professional folks here, with no unnecessary fees.
    Darryl Wright, June 18 via Google


  • Our work vehicle was out of town and they made us priority! Helpful in all aspects, fixed a tedious job in 1 day and got us on the road. Wish they were in my State because they would become our primary mechanics! Grateful for them being prompt, compassionate and courteous!
    Ariel Williams, June 15 via Google


  • I like the service quick and straight forward no hidden charge.  The Do, June 15 via Google


  • This place is great they are fast and budget-friendly with great service I take both my vehicles to them when needed.
    Bianca Solis, June 13 via Google


  • I did not have an appointment but needed service on my Jeep while I waited. I watched as a continuous line of people poured in the door. Even though extremely busy, they had my car done in a very short time. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job on my car. From the number of people bringing in cars, they must do a great job on everyone’s car. I’m glad I found them and I will be back.
    Marilyn Flynn, June 12 via Google


  • Very polite and awesome place my brother Tyson just jus barely started working at Jeffery’s automotive and I would recommend it to anyone.
    Justice Connell, June 12 via Google


  • Great experience, I highly recommend them for your auto service. I went in expecting to pay $2500 on a new electronic power steering system. However, they were able to find a smaller issue causing my problems. Was a nice surprise to only spend $400. Very fast, friendly and honest service. Thanks.
    Trey Posey, June 12 via Google


  • Good place for all Automotive needs!
    Tony Rodriguez, June 12 via Google


  • Best mechanic shop around!
    Dante Preciado, June 11 via Google


  • They were very nice. We needed the air worked on. It’s a used car we didn’t know it had no condenser because of a previous wreck and Danny told us up front they couldn’t fix it because there was no room for a condenser. They did fix the brakes and did so quickly. 1 day and ready.
    Vicki Scearce, June 08 via Google


  • Great experience! My first time here. I am a divorced woman and I am always reluctant when I am surrounded by a profession that is mainly done by men because I am too aware of people taking advantage. I didn’t feel like this at all. Thank you!
    Michelle Shelley, June 06 via Google


  • Very professional! They did exactly what they said they would do. Would recommend for automotive repairs.
    Paul Lemons, June 04 via Google


  • Excellent service. Kept in contact to let me know how things were going on my car. Highly recommend. Very courteous staff.
    Gloria Paul, June 01 via Google