This month was a huge milestone for us.

We hit over 1000 Google reviews!

A few things to consider when celebrating this milestone:

  • these are organic reviews, posted without compensation. The only solicitation is in the form of a follow-up email to customers asking them to tell us about their experience.
  • these are owned by Google, so while we would sure love only to let people see the positive reviews, it would not be authentic. So while we know we are not perfect and leave a few customers unsatisfied, the majority are very positive.
  • these reviews make up a variety of people: new customers and long-time customers, Ford Mustang owners to Ford Diesel Truck owners, brake job repairs to collision repair reviews….it covers the gamut.
  • with over 1000 reviews…..ONE THOUSAND….the average is 4.7 out of 5! WOW!

We are thankful for all of the organic reviews on Google. We receive many more comments via email, text, and even the occasional hand-written note. From time-to-time, we even have customers bring us gifts of appreciation!