There is no doubt that in our world, trust is an issue when it comes to auto mechanics. But we can tell you confidently that there are many great trustworthy mechanics out there. We love it when we can earn that trust from our customers.

Here is what Brandi S. wrote just recently:

What a great experience with an automotive shop. These guys actually cared about the safety of my vehicle and family. It’s not every day you find a group of mechanics like this. I would especially like to thank Tony at the front desk and Stephen the mechanic who worked on my truck. These two guys earned my trust and respect and from now on this will be where I take my vehicles! Thanks again guys!!

  • “great experience”
  • “guys actually cared”
  • “it’s not every day you find a group of mechanics like this”
  • “earned my trust”

Love phrases from Brandi’s review that review that Jeffrey’s Automotive is not just any ol’ mechanic.

Reminds us of other previous reviews who used similar language:

Our 4.7 star rating (out of 5 from over 700 reviews) tells it all. On Google, we cannot pick and choose what our customers say about us. Sometimes they point out areas of growth for us and sometimes they remain dissatisfied. However, with an average of 4.7 stars from over 700 reviews, that speaks volume. We want to earn your trust, too!

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