Fort Worth female customer stunned by mechanic

Most of the time when you hear that a female customer walks into a mechanic shop and says she is “stunned“, well…..she might often critique the stereotype mechanic and the experience that some female customers have received at other automotive repair shops.

We love hearing from all of our customers about their good experience. This review from Christine Gladhill of Fort Worth recounts her “stunning” experience at our shop. Here is an excerpt of her review:

“Andy was very nice over the phone and again in person. The service was amazingly quick and I was literally stunned when I was not charged! It made me feel as though this shop would not lie to me or attempt to gouge me and being female, that can be a problem at too many shops.”

Thank you Christine for your kind words and your continued business.  Click here for another review from a female customer who was so thrilled with her experience she told her _______ (read the article to find out who).

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