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Betty Herrold, 02/17/15, Keller, via Demand Force

I have been a regular customer since moving here 2 1/2 years ago. All experiences have been good.

Stephen, Fort Worth, 02/15/15, via Yelp

I have taken many cars to Jeffrey’s over the last eight years even though it’s out of my way.  They have ALWAYS been fast, honest, and competitively priced.  The first time I took a car there was for some random small repair.  The mechanic came out and told me I have a small oil leak.  Being honest, he told me I could fix it easily now but it really wasn’t a big deal and once I fix it there, it would most likely find another place to leak.  Then I’d be chasing leaks everywhere and spending too much $$ on a 15 year old car.
One time, I had a clunker crap out on me on the highway and had the car towed there (pass. side front end + steering pump completely obliterated).  Once I got the prognosis I told the service writer I couldn’t afford it.  He then worked with me on the service, telling me what parts I could get used and still be OK, what service I needed immediately and what service I could hold off on and still be safe.  That cut the immediate bill in two thirds, then I went back and got the rest of the service the car needed.
Yet another time, one of my cars was in the shop and the other one crapped out on me.  Jeffrey’s not only stepped up the pace on my first car, but they stayed open a little late (on a Friday) so I could get there and pick up the first car.
TL;DR:  Jeffrey’s is a stand-up auto shop with honest, caring, professional people.  Even though it’s out of my way, I take my cars there for just about everything needed.

Joshua Cross, 02/15/15, Haltom City, via Demand Force

Tired of looking for a trustworthy mechanic? Look no further Jeffrey’s is the place for me and you.

Ralph Miller, 02/14/15, Lancaster, via Demand Force

Extremely professional and courteous. Muffler guy is an artist. Price is right as well.

Anonymous, 02/12/15, via Demand Force

I was very happy for the service I got. I love that I came in and heard Christian music playing. Everyone was kind and nice to me.

Anonymous, 02/09/15, via Demand Force

Prompt and smart service from the office personnel to the technicians. Made the whole experience as painless as possible. I usually do maintenance and repairs on my vehicles, but when I needed an alignment I reached out to Jeffrey’s. Based on that experience I feel that they would do as good or better of a job than I could do on future repairs. If I don’t have the time then I’ll be taking my cars to Jeffrey’s.

Anonymous, 02/05/15, via Demand Force

Quality service at a fair price, I recommend Jeffery auto repair on a regular basis.

Bizaillion Stone, 02/04/15, via Google+

After getting new tires installed on my trucks, I took them into Jeffrey’s automotive for an alignment. I was very impressed with the staff and service. On one truck, they said the alignment was good and did not charge me for this truck. They got the second truck aligned. They impressed me as a company that strives to do the job right the first time. I will go back there for all my vehicle issues. It is rare to find a company that will shoot straight with you and do the job right the first time.In my line of work, I can not afford to take my trucks in the service center more then one time for a problem. They are more then worth the price if I can get it done right the first time. I have been to cheaper places and had to have the the same work done several times. No longer will I make this mistake. I highly recommend Jeffery’s staff and mechanics.

Noel Daniel, 02/04/15, Keller, via Demand Force

Fast and professional service. Been using them for a few years for all my auto maintenance work, state inspection etc

Stephanie Wilkins, 02/03/15, Arlington, via Demand Force

I have never been able to find a honest, excellent service, friendly local mechanic shop to service my vehicle and to call “my mechanic” until now. I know how the dealerships like to hike up their prices most of which is for labor for services that should cost only half or 3/4th the cost. I am tired of that treatment. Thank God for Jeffrey’s, my new auto mechanic shop!!!!

John Gillespie, 02/02/15, Keller, via Demand Force

Excellent service as always. The only place I will take my vehicles in this area.

Lorena Aslan, 02/01/15, Keller, via Demand Force

very professional service could have charged me more but only charged me for the work that was needed

Jack St. Jack, 02/01/15, via Google+

If you want folks who are HONEST as well as VERY GOOD at what they do, look no further. I took my 3 year old Honda in for a front end check up as well as a brake check up (didn’t want to wear down to the rotors). Not only did they tell me everything was fine but they showed me the front end diagnostic chart used to evaluate my car’s front end and were very thorough in explaining it all to me. They could have told me anything to make a buck but didn’t. You RARELY find this kind of honesty in the world today. Kudos and a big “Thank you” to Jeffrey’s Automotive!

Nancy Watkins, 01/30/15, via Google+

I love dealing with a family owned business and I have found their customer service staff to be courteous and reliable. If I have to wait, I certainly prefer to do it in a clean environment and Jeffrey’s is that.I had a mechanical problem that no one seemed to be able to correct. Decided to try Jeffrey’s and immediately they nailed it! Women and autos don’t always mix well so I really need to know I can believe and trust what someone is telling me. I’ve found a comfort zone at Jeffrey’s.

Donald Walker, 01/29/15, Grapevine, via Demand Force

good service, good cost, will go back again

Pedro Morales. 01/29/15, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

First time customer in Jeffrey’s. Was greeted cordially and my vehicle was taken cared of quickly. I went to get my tires filled with nitrogen. Jeffrey’s are one of the few outside of expensive dealerships that do this.

Roger Holland, 01/28/15, Bedford, via Demand Force

This was my first visit and it will not be my last. The service specialists were professional and prompt. I was referred by another customer and it has proven to be a worthwhile experience. I look forward to a lasting relationship with Jeffrey’s Automotive…

Mikle Hartz, 01/28/15, Haslet, via Demand Force

Great, friendly and honest service!

Eileen Kaplan, 01/26/15, Ohio, via Demand Force

Though I have moved out of the state, I return to Texas often. Each time I return I stop at Jeffrey’s to have my car checked over and fixed if needed. Jeffrey’s brings me complete peace of mind and I trust and count on them to keep my car in great working condition. They are professional, honest, customer service oriented and very accommadating. You can take your car anywhere, but you are short-changing yourself if you don’t stop at Jeffrey’s.

Donna Edwards, 01/26/15, Keller, via Demand Force

Friendly group of people. Have used their repair service for over 25 years. I am a satisfied customer.

Mike Hilton, 01/24/15, Fort Worth, via Google+

I absolutely love the customer service at Jeffrey’s Automotive Supercenter. Every time I have taken my cars there for any service they have gone beyond they duty to give me the best service possible. The employees in the receiving area in the front of the shop are outstanding. Love this place.

Dianne Miller, 01/24/15, Fort Worth, via Google+

Another repair center told me I would need other parts at a much higher price. Jeffrey’s charged 1/3 the price to fix a headlight problem and install front struts. Upon completion of their work, my car passed state inspection and doesn’t scrape bottom when I go over bumps. I will take future car repairs to Jeffrey’s first!

Megan Winkler, 01/23/15, Fort Worth, via Google+

Great Experience! They were beyond helpful and were very reasonably priced. The service was quick and friendly.

Taron Armour, 01/22/15, Watauga, via Google+

Always a good experience at Jeffrey’s. Good service team and front end people.

Sharon Dodd, 01/26/15, Watagua, via Demand Force

Always fast and efficient service

Doug Wood, 01/24/15, North Richland Hills, via Demand Force

I like this place. Organized, professional, friendly

Mike Hilton, 01/24/15, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

I can’t say enough about what a great job they do at Jeffrey’s. Very professional staff and very friendly.
Sandy Dalton, 01/24/15, Fort Worth, via Demand Force
I was very impressed with the attitudes and the graciousness of Jeffrey”s.They seem to care most about the customers and what all they needed. It was run very efficiently; when I called I was given an appointment that very morning and they were able to work with my schedule and be finished in an hour and 15 minutes . I loved the Christian music playing and the special hot drinks also. I loved the kind attitude of all of the employees. Great job on our van at a very reasonable price! Thanks guys!
Mary Fanara, 01/20/15, Euless, via Demand Force
we were very pleased with the service we received. the employees were very helpful and nice. we will use your services again when we need to. thank you.
Allen Arnett, 01/18/15, Haslet, via Demand Force
If you want good work and are willing to pay a premium for it, Jeffrey’s is the place to go.
Carol Yarbrough, 01/16/15, Watauga, via Demand Force
  You guys are great. Thank you for keeping my mom’s car safe for her to drive
Charles Goddard, 01/16/15, Watauga, via Demand Force
Excellent customer service polite and courteous. Service accomplished in time quoted very satisfied
Ross Geyer 01/16/15, Fort Worth, via Demand Force
Great Staff. Wonderful place.
Anonymous, 01/14/15, via Demand Force
Worked with Roy  for my 2009 Honda Civic motor mount and it was a breeze. It was covered under an extended warranty and it couldn’t have been easier. Thanks to Roy and Jeffrey’s Automotive for a great job.
Desiree J., via Yellow Pages

I had them work on a catalytic converter and they were brilliant. They were very patient and helpful. If I ever need repairs or know someone that does, I go here

Anonymous, 01/14/15, via Demand Force
Excellent service! It was more convenient for me to deliver my car at 4:30pm the day before the repair instead of 7:30am, the day of the repair. And, the pick up time was at 2pm, which was good due to more traffic on 377 at 5pm.
Gary Bowker, 01/13/15, Fort Worth, via Demand Force
Good repair and friendly service as usual.
Randa Robinson, 01/13/15, North Richland Hills, via Demand Force
The staff is very informative and caring! They found my part locally, went and picked it up and returned to fix my truck and get me back on the road quickly!
Anonymous, 01/10/15, via Demand Force
Repairs were done quickly and effectively. Very satisfied.
Jim Leuty, 01/10/15, via Demand Force
The entire crew was very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.. found my problem and got everything fixed on time as they stated !!
Anonymous, 01/08/15, via Demand Force
Friendly. and reasonable price for work done.
Dianne Miller, 01/08/15, Fort Worth, via Demand Force
I was very pleased with the work Jeffrey’s did on my car. Their prices and ability to find parts for my older model car were excellent. I’ll bring my other vehicles to them in the future!
Lavoice Morgan, 01/08/15
Very nice facility. All employees were friendly and helpful. Well done.
Marlee Shaw, 01/06/15, Keller, via Demand Force
The day was awful – blustery wind, rain and cold. We arrived on time for our appointment and we greeted with a smile, a hot cup of coffee and an on-time appreciation! As we waited, beautiful Christian music filled the air. No hard rock. No screetching sudo-songsters. Just a calm and peaceful place to spend a short time while waiting for the “Auto Doc” to give us a report. If we needed an alignment, they would do it. If not, they would tell us and send us on our way. With four new tires from Discount Tire and the recommendation to Jeffrey’s Automotive, we knew we could trust their judgement. An alignment was completed in record time! The price was well below the ridiculous one offered at Park Place Volvo by over $100 savings. Our Volvo drives like a dream and even the steering wheel sits straight. Thank you Bill at Discount Tire and the wonderful staff at Jeffrey’s for a great job and so much kindness, concern and professionalism!
Ken Jones, 01/03/15, Haltom City, via Demand Force
Super! They are always friendly, honest. Do good work. You usually have the choice of Dealer or Shade tree mechanic. These guys are as knowledgeable, or more, than any dealer but prices are reasonable. Highly recomend.
Linda Akins, 01/03/15, Haltom City, via Demand Force
Jeffrey’s Auto repair always delivers quality care and reasonable pricing. They keep me informed and are straightforward about the problem with the car and what options I have. I feel like their prices are competitive and the customer service cannot be beat. They are courteous and friendly and ready to explain fully what must be done.
Beverly Renal, 01/03/15, Southlake, via Demand Force
Great service and value,done in a timely manner.
Ted Link, 01/02/15,  Keller, via Demand Force
Excellent timely service

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