So what does your car have to do with the Crowne Plaza Invitational going on this weekend at Colonial in Fort Worth?

Answer:  Alignment.

According to one online definition, “alignment” refers to the way a golfer positions himself relative to the golf ball – his feet, knees, hips and shoulders should all be lined up square (parallel) to the target line. Another way of putting it: “alignment” refers to a golfer’s aim, and his body must be aligned properly to carry out that aim. A golfer can make the perfect swing, but if his alignment is off, the ball won’t go where he wants it to. Poor alignment sometimes plays a role in creating slices or hooks; and – obviously – if your alignment has you pointing somewhere other than straight down the target line, you are less likely to hit the ball on that target line.

Driving in a car without proper alignment can be costly, not only in terms of money, but it’s a safety issue, too!.  A car that is out of alignment can pull or drift away from the straight road, resulting in a possibly fatal situation.  Excessive tire wear can not only cost you money over time, but it can also lead to tire blow-outs and poor traction, which also has potentially disastrous consequences. Proper alignment will extend not only life of your car’s tires, but also the life of your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems. And yes, alignment problems even affect fuel economy!

Some of our customers are big golf fanatics where alignment could make a big difference in the your day. Do you care for your own vehicle’s alignment, too?

Knowing when you need an alignment is so critical that we encourage an alignment check (watch video and then click the link below.)

Why Do Cars Need An Alignment - Jeffrey Automotive Employs Hunter Alignment Systems for the Perfect Alignment

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