Good brakes are essential to safe driving, whether you are out on a long road trip, or you are driving around Fort Worth.  Without effective stopping mechanisms on your vehicle, you are not only endangering yourself, but other pedestrians or motorists as well.  Ask yourself, “are my brakes safe?

As you drive around Keller, Watauga, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Hurst, Colleyville or the surrounding area, be sure and take notice of how your brakes perform:

  • Are you able to stop quickly?
  • Does the vehicle pull to one side when you brake?
  • Does your brake pedal pulsate up and down when you stop? 
  • Does you experience “shaking” in your steering wheel when you brake?
  • Do your brakes make a grinding noise that you can feel in the pedal?

These are just some common questions to ask as you take inventory of your brake system.  Because most people are so busy, they often neglect the warning signs (and sounds) of deteriorating brakes.  Not only are you in danger on the road, waiting too long may also result in a higher repair bill.  Regular brake inspection is essential to quality vehicle maintenance.

At Jeffrey’s, we offer complete car care, including a quality brake inspection. If you are worried about how much a brake check costs, don’t worry! Click on the button below and schedule your appointment today for your brake check.

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