An inspection of your brakes should be included in your regular maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle road ready and safe!  Here are 3 important things to consider about your brakes:

  • Check your brake fluid – Brake fluid slows and stops the wheels. Without brake fluid, the brakes won’t work, so monitoring the brake fluid level at each oil change is vital.  How safe are your brakes?  As you drive around Haltom city, Watauga or North Richland Hills, we think it’s worth checking out!
  • Stop riding your brakes – It may be a habit or just feels comfortable, but stop resting your foot on the brake pedal while driving.  This can result in excessive brake pad wear. When you need to slow down as you approach the lights on 1709 in Southlake or Keller, remove your foot from the gas pedal and let your vehicle slow naturally. Don’t apply the brakes until you need them.  So while you may have picked up a bad habit of driving with both feet, just use your right foot for acceleration and braking.
  • Turn down the radio – OK, how many times have you been with a friend driving around the Fort Worth area and wanted to turn up the volume just to drown out the noisy brakes squealing when you come up to the stoplight?  Maybe you could use a little less noise in your brakes!

At Jeffrey’s, we offer complete car care, including a quality brake inspection. If you are worried about how much a brake check costs, don’t worry! Click on the button below and schedule your appointment today for your FREE brake check: