Customer Reviews in 2016

Brian Goode, 12/31/16 via Demand Force

Mike was great to work with. They fit me in last minute for brakes and delivered on time at the quoted price. We will be back.

Marsha Randolph Dec 31, 2016 via Demand Force

My experience at Jeffrey’s Automotive Repair was, as it’s always been, very efficient and friendly. I only needed to have the annual inspection done on my vehicle, but it has always been so good to know that I could trust Jeffrey’s to ably handle any and all automotive needs I’ve ever had. I have and will continue to recommend their services to friends and family. Thank you.

GARY B Dec 28, 2016 via Demand Force

Excellent response and repair as usual.

PRISCILLA O Dec 28, 2016 via Demand Force

Jeffrey’s Automotive Repair is always my first choice in automotive maintenance and repair.Their integrity and professionalism is what keeps me coming back. Also, in a Big Box world,Jeffrey’s Automotive Repair feels like a friendly neighborhood business where everyone knows your name. They take the time to explain needed repairs and never pressure for those that are unnecessary. A trustworthy and friendly repair shop is a blessing!

RONALD S Dec 24, 2016 via Demand Force


MARIA C Dec 23, 2016 via Demand Force

Great customer service

JIM C Dec 22, 2016 via Demand Force

I greatly appreciated the honest diagnostic assessment and not performing, and not charging, for any work when it was apparent it was not worth my car’s value.

STEVEN H Dec 21, 2016 via Demand Force

I came in after my check engine light came on and had it fixed but my check engine light came on a couple days after the repair. Very frustrating that I had to go back in for the same reason less than a week later.

JAMES K Dec 21, 2016 via Demand Force

Couldn’t be happier with the friendly service!!

Lisayo S. Dec 19 2016 via

The folks at Jeffreys are amazing. And so fast and proficient. Everyone is always so friendly. I was just standing in the lobby waiting for my husband and was asked about seven times if I needed some help. Danny is also wonderful intelligent and helpful. I thought I’d be dropping my car off for a day or two and he told me to sit down. It would done in an hour. Amazing! Thanks guys!!

HOLIDAY INN Dec 16, 2016 via Demand Force

Jeffrey’s is AWESOME. Every person is both professional and helpful in making the right decisions for repairs. I would never consider going anywhere else!

Jeremy Bankes Dec 15, 2016 via Google

My wife and I have been taking our vehicles to Jeffrey’s Automotive for several years. We believe their level of professionalism, integrity, and workmanship is unmatched in the industry. Customers for life!

Jo-Len Shumski Dec 14, 2016 via Google

As a single woman I know that I can trust my car to Jeffery’s automotive, they have taken care of my cars for the last 6 years, I drive over 20 miles to get the good honest service that they provide for me. They always are honest to let me know what needs to be taken care of right then or if something can wait a little while. Both the guys and gal in the front and all of the guys in the back are the best that I have ever dealt with when it comes to my safely and come so my cars. I’m very Blessed that I have them in my life

MATTHEW/WHITNEY P Dec 14, 2016 via Demand Force

Love doing business with Jefferies! Roy was very honest in what needed to be done. I will always always trust Jefferies with all my automotive care.

CHARLES G Dec 12, 2016 via Demand Force

Excellent customer service timely and professional

MIKE H Dec 8, 2016 via Demand Force

Just dropped in to get inspection. Was in a out very quickly. Love the way the front of this business takes care of their customers.

Anonymous Dec 7, 2016 via Demand Force

As always Jeffrey’s Automotive visit was amazing! And today I got a chance to stay and wait for my vehicle and witness all the great guest service around me! Great job!

Anonymous Dec 7, 2016 via Demand Force

Quick to review my vehicle and recommend necessary repairs and also recommended things I thought necessary as not necessary.

DAVID P Dec 6, 2016 via Demand Force

Super service all the way. The work done on my truck was simply superior…. Anonymous

Anonymous Dec 5, 2016 via Demand Force

2000 Honda Civic now drives great after drive axels, rack and pinion, front brake rotors and pads replaced. Andy did a great job getting me fixed-up.

RICHARD N Dec 3, 2016 via Demand Force

Work was thorough, people courteous and professional.

Anonymous Dec 3, 2016, via Demand Force

greeted right away——- and fast service on a texas emissions check——–i had an appointment

LINDA A Dec 1, 2016 via Demand Force

Very fast service kept me from having expense of rental car.

JAMES M Nov 29, 2016 via Demand Force

Work was done in a timely manner as always. People at the desk were friendly and helpful. Always a good experience when bringing in my vehicle for repairs.

GRACIE R Nov 28, 2016 via Demand Force

Great service as always!

CHARLES D Nov 26, 2016 via Demand Force

Thought I needed $ 300.00+ transmission service, but told it was not needed. Appreciated the honesty Jeffrey’s.

PAUL K Nov 23, 2016 via Demand Force

My car was repaired quickly and at a reasonable price.I have always had great customer service at the front office as well.

Don Kotrla Nov 21, 2016 via Google

Guys in front office are very nice and knowledgeable. They explain things in layman’s terms, don’t talk over your head. The work is always done on time and sometimes sooner with no surprises with final price.

Huned Husain Nov 21, 2016 via Google

I had an amazing experience when I took my SUV for a 150k service. The job done was excellent and at half the cost compared to what the car dealer service would have provided. Extremely satisfied with the service and courtesy of the staff. Thank you!

SCOTT H Nov 21, 2016 via Demand Force

Excellent service and always professional..can’t say enough about Danny and the rest of the crew but I am a life long customer..keep up the great work!!

DON K Nov 18, 2016 via Demand Force

Fair price. Quick service. Polite people.

JONATHAN B Nov 17, 2016 via Demand Force

Great job!

Anonymous Nov 17, 2016 via Demand Force

This place is rad. Get your vehicle fixed here.

Anonymous Nov 10, 2016 via Demand Force

Quick in and quick out. My F-350 drives better since the alignment.

WALTER P Nov 9, 2016 via Demand Force

My appointment was honored promptly and the service was excellent.

Anonymous Nov 5, 2016 via Demand Force

Very nice people to work with, and they really had pretty good pricing and fixed my vehicle same day.

RON A Nov 3, 2016 via Demand Force

Very good


LESLIE H Nov 1, 2016 via Demand Force

I always experience great service and respectful treatment at Jeffrey’s. I’ll always be back! ๐Ÿ™‚

Weldon Rowan Oct 31, 2016 via Google

Always excellent service at Jeffrey’s. They don’t talk down to me, they are always honest and respectful. I trust them to tell my what has to be done, what should be done, and what’s good to be done, and to know the difference. They never try to pressure or guilt me into service I don’t need or that can be delayed as needed. All of my family goes to Jeffery’s and I strongly recommend them to all of my friends. They are by no means the closest auto repair shop to me but they are the one I trust the most. My most recent service was on the suspension of my GMC Yukon. The work was fast, clean, and exceeded my high expectations.

JOHN S Oct 28, 2016 via Demand Force

Labor rate was a bit high in my opinion, but satisfied with end result.

MIKE/CONNIE W Oct 28, 2016 via Demand Force

Could not have been better

MONETTE P Oct 26, 2016 via Demand Force

I have used Jeffrey’s Automotive Repair two times for repairs to a Nissan Titan and one time for repairs to a Chevy Silverado. Each time all the employees have been very nice and helpful. I have always been pleased with their service.

JAMIE H Oct 22, 2016 via Demand Force


LAURA B Oct 20, 2016 via Demand Force

They gave me a ride home which was nice, I live close but of course would’ve had to cross the highway so didn’t want to walk. I don’t know of any other place that offers rides and didn’t know they had that. Only negative is that they didn’t call when they found the problem or when it was fixed, so I waited all day and then called to see if it was ready. Fortunately it was ready and within budget, but we would’ve liked to know sooner.

Chris Hatchett, Keller, Oct 17, 2016 via Facebook

In the dishonest “cheat you out of your last dollar” mentality that most automotive service centers have, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with an honest, family run garage like Jeffrey’s. My dad has been taking his vehicles there for service for years, and a couple years ago, I needed maintenance on my Mustang, and I brought it in. All of the quotes I had gotten from shopping around were TRIPLE what Jeffrey’s offered. I’ve trusted Jeffrey’s ever since, and haven’t taken our vehicles anywhere else. If you want a garage that is a one stop shop (literally they can fix anything) with a team who can be trusted, and who will treat you with honesty, integrity, with outstanding customer service, THIS is the place you need to bring your vehicle to.

KATHRYN S Oct 15, 2016 via Demand Force

Excellent service and Michael is a great customer service rep.

PAU K Oct 14, 2016 via Demand Force

Very much satisfied.

GARY W Oct 13, 2016 via Demand Force

Jeffries always takes care of our cars

Lawrence Duhon Oct 12, 2016 via Google

I use Jeffrey’s Automotive exclusively for all types of repairs and maintenance on all of my vehicles for two reasons: TRUST and COMPETENCE. This shop works with integrity. They don’t recommend unneeded services. When a job needs to be done, their mechanics FIX IT RIGHT. If there is a problem, they stand behind their work. They work hard to find parts at the best price too. What else can you ask for when auto repairs are needed? Go to Jeffrey’s Automotive, and you won’t regret it!

LINDA A Oct 12, 2016 via Demand Force

Quick service and kept me well informed. Courtesy ride home and back is helpful.

LAWRENCE D Oct 12, 2016 via Demand Force

Great service and price for my vehicle alignment! They got it done as promised and provided me with additional feedback about potential future issues without any pressure.

EMILY E Oct 10, 2016 via Demand Force

I’ve been going to Jeffrey’s for many years now for any car trouble and maintenance. Roy is the service advisor that I go to but everyone that I’ve encountered so far seemed professional and courteous. They provide timely, professional and trustworthy service which is very important for me considering I don’t know much about cars.

Matt B, Oct 10, 2016 via

Got my spark plugs done last week before a road trip over the weekend. My car ran great and I noticed a slight increase in gas mileage over the 800 miles to Arkansas and back. Today I received a text from the GM Andy asking how my car ran this weekend. I was pleased to inform him, my 08 Acura TSX got 32.6 average at an average of 72 mph. (That’s fantastic for that year make and model) Jefferys has earned my business in the future.

WESLEY S Oct 9, 2016 via Demand Force

The employees at Jeffreys are great. Very helpful and explain everything to help you get back on the road. I will tell all of my friends and family.

CHARLES G Oct 8, 2016

Excellent timely services

LARRY F Oct 4, 2016

My experience was great as usual very professional and courteous.

Jim Weaver, Oct 1, 2016 via Google:

Jeffrey’s Automotive has serviced all the cars in our family for quite some time. What we like most about this relationship is that it is built on trust. When I take my car in for service or repairs, I know I will get an honest, accurate assessment of what is needed. Recently, I had to use a dealership for an unplanned repair and was told I needed thousands of dollars in repair work. I called Andy at Jeffrey’s to tell him what I was facing. He walked me through in plain English what was going really going on. Having just the bare minimum work done to get the car running again, I took it to Jeffrey’s and got the work done that was needed for a fraction of the cost! I am always VERY SATISFIED when taking my car to Jeffrey’s for regular maintenance of repairs.

COLIN W, Sep 30, 2016 via Demand Force

Fast and courteous staff, large repair facility with a family vibe!

CHAD N, Sep 30, 2016 via Demand Force

Andy had me in and out in just minutes with a broken hanger on my exhaust!!!!

Emily Pellerin, Sep 28, 2016 via Google

Brought my car in for diagnostics for an oil leak that wasn’t visibly leaking. I made an appointment using their online system. The staff was very nice and finished the diagnostics in 2 hours. They informed me that the leak was tiny enough to just switch to a thicker oil at my next oil change and that the rest was just being burned away naturally. I’ll definitely return here in the future, especially since the appointment ability allows me to bring my car in even though I work odd hours so I can’t take my car to a place that has the usual first come first served practice.

Anonymous, Sep 27, 2016

They did a great job on my truck and were able to finish in a day. I had to have my truck towed there, so I’m glad it’s working again. I certainly recommend them and would go back for future automotive needs. Thanks.

Leslie Horn, Sep 23, 2016

I have taken my car to several shops around town and am always disappointed. The service is usually fine, but most often, the problems are not fixed! And often, they are made worse. We decided a few years ago to only ever take our cars to Jeffrey’s Automotive. We can always trust that they will get the problem fixed quickly and honestly. Thank you!

JAMES W, Sep 22, 2016

This was my 1st visit to JAR and very pleased with the service provided. I was in the waiting area for about an hour and a half so I heard a lot of interaction with other customers in person and on the phone. I can tell you based on that alone JAR will be my go to auto repair center next time I have the need.

PEDRO T, Sep 22, 2016

Very professional. Took car in to get checked after having another mechanic replace a part. Their analysis came up with the same part being bad. I already had warranty on it so I didn’t want to pay for the same part twice, so I decided to turn down buying part and installation. They were professional and still gave me recommendations to look for once part is changed and Check Engine light goes off. Reason I gave four stars is the prices, I would have had them install the part but it seemed rather high to me to install a part and not give warranty on the work just because it was my own part.

CLAY H, Sep 22, 2016

Service you can trust!

JAMES W, Sep 22, 2016

This was my 1st visit to JAR and very pleased with the service provided. I was in the waiting area for about an hour and a half so I heard a lot of interaction with other customers in person and on the phone. I can tell you based on that alone JAR will be my go to auto repair center next time I have the need.

Judy H, 09/17/16, via Demand Force

Great place!! I know my car is in good hands and that I won’t be ripped off!

James A, 09/17/16, via Demand Force

Very smooth! Just an oil change today but have had extensive work done there in the past. They seem to know what they are doing.

Lydia R, 09/15/16, via Demand Force

Was happy with service, answered all my questions I had and proved good recommendation as to how to service my vehicle.

Tisha/Raymond G, 09/15/16, via Demand Force

Jeffrey’s helped us out quickly and thoroughly…as usual! Got us back on the road so we can carry on with our life. Thanks again!

Maria C, 09/12/16, via Demand Force

Excellent Customer Service.

Joy Crockett Longerbeam, Watauga, Sept 10 2016 via Facebook

I went to other auto shops to try snd save some money, ended up spending more money in the long run came back to Jefferies. They fixed my car and I will never go anywhere else again. All i can say is go to Jefferies first it will safe you time money and most of all a huge headache. I love Jefferies!!!

Donna L, 09/10/16, via Demand Force

Easy and fast, guys are always nice and helpful.

Anonymous, 09/10/16, via Demand Force

Customer Service Rep. Danny, was great. Service and thorough check was performed as requested. Additional service was suggested and with my permission it was done. Great job. Great price. Will definitely continue to use Jeffrey’s.

Marcus W, 09/10/16, via Demand Force

fast, saved money with coupon

Anonymous, 09/08/16, via Demand Force

Excellent !. They are very focused on the problem and offer simple cost effective solutions. Thnx for providing such good service.

Clay Hunt, 09/07/16, via Demand Force

If you want trustworthy dependable service, this is the place.

Stephen Ruten, 09/07/16, via Demand Force

I had sticker shock about the cost of replacing a solenoid of $340 but it solved the engine light problem 100%. Soon happy!

Heather Gradke, 09/07/16, via Demand Force

I’ve had Jeffrey’s service my car multiple times and have always left a satisfied customer. They are fair, honest, timely and provide excellent mechanic service. Most recently I had them “recheck” my AC system to make sure it wasn’t leaking after I had it serviced by another mechanic out of town and they were so generous to not charge me for the check after verifying all was good with my AC. I would highly recommend Jeffrey’s for all your auto servicing needs!

Anonymous, 09/04/16, via Demand Force

I hadn’t made an appointment for my oil change but it only took them half an hour to get my car in and it wasn’t long before it was ready to go. These guys are great!

Mel Roberts, 09/04/16, via Demand Force

Sent step daughter there with an A/C issue and an alignment issue and it was all handled very promptly and efficiently.

Nate Tijerina, 09/03/16, via Demand Force

went in and explained that i felt i had an exhaust issue. tech came out immediately and went for a drive with me to confirm my issue. was told it was an exhaust issue and was then handed over to the exhaust tech who took one look and spotted the problem. scheduled appointment for next day repair and work was completed in less than an hour. vehicle is back to normal now!

Rex Downing, 09/01/16, via Demand Force


Hal Ray, 09/01/16, via Demand Force

Very friendly and professional treatment. Always great work!

Bill Daniel, 08/25/16, via Demand Force

They did a great job. They finished the repairs when they said they would. Very happy

Chris John, 08/24/16, via Demand Force

I compared a quote to replace my timing belt / water pump between Jeffrey’s Automotive and another repair shop. Not only was Jeffrey’s significantly less expensive, they performed the work on short notice and with great quality. I really appreciate Jeffrey’s Automotive for their ability to do superb work within a reasonable budget.

John McCarson, 08/20/16, via Demand Force


Gayla Horner, 08/19/16, via Demand Force

Jeffrey’s Automotive has always provided excellent service. We have been going there with numerous vehicles for several years.

James Madewell, 08/18/16, via Demand Force

Friendly service representative, explained what would be done. Got my truck back the same day.

Sandy Babos, 08/17/16, via Demand Force

I was treated fairly all around. A great difference from going to a dealer for this service. I suspect if I used a dealer, my bill would have been doubled plus some exorbitant shop service charges.

Don Acker, 08/16/16, via Demand Force

Good fast service

Billy and Christy Karnes, 08/13/16, via Demand Force

They are always the best! Quick, friendly service. Always has the customers best interest at heart. We always recommend Jeffrey’s to anyone looking for automotive repair.

Pam Turner, 08/12/16, via Demand Force

My experience at Jeffrey’s was great Thank You so much.

Kevin Middleton, 08/10/16, via Google+

This is a great place to have my vehicles serviced. I have 1995, 2002, 2004, 2007 year model vehicles. They have worked to keep my business every time I come in. Very Happy Customer.

Patricia Guerrero, 08/10/16, via Demand Force

Great service!

Jimmy Degollado, 08/10/16, via Demand Force

Great service… Give Tony Brooks a raise. Thank you all!!

Monica Head, 08/09/16, via Google+

We have used Jeffery’s for years. Recently we had our car at the dealership for a warranty issue. Since it was there, we went ahead and had work done. It was considerably more expensive than Jeffery’s and they recommended a ton of work. Took it back to Jeffery and got better pricing. Plus some of the things the dealership recommend apparently were not necessary according to Jeffery’s. We won’t be venturing off from Jeffery’s again. Always love working with Tony and Andy. Everyone else there is great as well.

Randy Fuller, 08/08/16, via Google+

For years I have taken my vehicles to Jeffrey’s Automotive, and for years I have received great service and friendly customer service. They are honest and trustworthy. I have never felt taken advantage of because of my lack of car knowledge. Andy has been both helpful and courteous in all of our interactions, and I have felt valued as a customer. I solely recommend Jeffrey’s to anyone who ever needs car repair.

Michael Harrison, 08/08/16, via Demand Force

I’ll Be Back (Beatles 1965)

Ryan Newhouse, 08/07/16, Frisco, via Google+

I have been using Jeffrey’s Automotive for almost 20 years. Andy Jeffrey and crew always exceed my expectations and they do whats right for the customer. I have brought my vehicles to them from Frisco because of their Christian values and the product they provide.

Trusting someone in the automotive industry is difficult! I drop my car off with Andy because he is a man of integrity and then I go eat a sandwich. It’s a easy decision……

Craig and Kari King, 08/07/16, Richland Hills, via Demand Force

Thank you to Jeffrey’s Automotive for always taking care of our vehicles and for putting my mind at ease when my car breaks down! We love the people at Jeffrey’s.

John Pelzel, 08/04/16, via Demand Force

everything went well–excellent

Jo-Len Shumski, 08/02/16, via Demand Force

Once again the guys at Jeffrey’s has taken very good care of my car and me… I’m so thankful as a single woman that I have a great mechanic.

Joshua Anderson, 08/01/16, via Demand Force

An honest auto mechanic shop if I ever saw one. They won’t try to sell you what you don’t need either.

Adam James, 08/01/16, via Demand Force

Great people and service. Quick turn-a-round on the repair.

Julie Lander, 07/31/16, via Demand Force

Very friendly and prompt

Larry Smith, 07/29/16, Roanoke, via Demand Force

Very good!

Timothy Center, 07/29/16, via Google+

Excellent, on time and honestly the best shop I have ever dealt with!! Andy is a great advisor and I’m very hard to please.

Tom Kirk, 07/25/16, via Google+

I have known and done business with the Jeffrey family for many years. They represent an atmosphere of excellence regarding all aspects of life and especially the auto repair business of the family, Jeffrey Automotive. I have been the CPA for the business from day one and observed nothing but an atmosphere of desire to do what is correct and right. I would highly recommend this business to anyone needing automobile repairs and tune-ups. /Tom Kirk

Shawn Frye, 07/25/16, via Google+

Great service and pricing! Highly recommend!

Tim Ferrell, 07/25/16, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Good work , Honest prices, good guys. Nuff said!!!

Adam James, 07/24/16, Haltom City, via Demand Force

Great people. Honest information about your vehicle. Fair prices. I’ve been a customer for 15 years. I won’t take it anywhere else.

Anonymous, 07/24/16, via Demand Force

Honest and willing to help, you don’t find that in customer service much any more. I will return and will let others know as well if they need great auto service along with great customer service. Keep it up and Thank You!

Sarah Beck, 07/21/16, Fort Worth, via Demand Force

Was so impressed with Jeffrey automotive! Fast and friendly service with outstanding prices!

Dan Marks, 07/16/16, North Richland Hills, via Demand Force

Very quick service, Thanks again

Julie Fenner,07/16/16, North Richland Hills, via Demand Force

Very friendly staff. Great business. Will use again and recommend to family and friends.

John Wallace, 07/14/16, via Demand Force

Quick and professional service performed at a reasonable price. Hard to beat!

Gary Bowker, 07/14/16, via Demand Force

Great work and response

Anonymous, 07/09/16, via Demand Force

Service was excellent and service men very helpful. Did not take too long

Charles Goddard, 07/09/16, via Demand Force

Efficient and courteous service always timely

James Madewell, 07/04/16, via Demand Force

Great service, friendly people

Marlee Shaw, 07/04/16, via Demand Force

The experience was good. The owner takes a special interest in his clients & is there for you should you need him. The wait time is at least an hour for any work to be completed with an alignment so bring a good book. They have been there a long time & pride themselves on customer service & satisfaction. You will be pleased with the results.

Roger Hollar, 07/03/16, via Demand Force

Always the best!

Anonymous, 07/02/16, via Demand Force

Very professional operation with friendly staff and quick service.

Stacey Fortenberry, 07/02/16, via Demand Force

So pleased with my first visit here. Danny was a sweetheart and he saved me a lot of money!! They sure do appreciate their customers! We’ll be taking our other cars here too!

Kathryn Smith, 07/02/16, via Demand Force

Excellent customer service!

John Wallace, 06/30/16, via Demand Force

Accommodating appointment time. Quick diagnostic assessment. Prompt status update and exceptional value delivered for the work requested. Just another, typical day in the life of a highly satisfied customer of Jeffrey’s Automotive Repair!

Hillary White, 06/28/16, via Demand Force

The staff at Jeffrey”s was professional. On time, courteous and knowledgeable. They saved me from the $1700 quote I was given somewhere else and even looked over the entire car to tell me what we needed to do to keep it safe for my daughter. We walked away with only a $500 problem and security that we fixed the problem. Thank you. We are life long customers.

Gerald Norman, 06/27/16, via Google+

Jeffrey’s Automotive is the best repair shop in town reliable and honest it’s hard to find a good mechanic shop these days and Jeffrey’s is that shop. Thank you Jeffrey’s Automotive.

Alan Lyles, 06/22/16, via Demand Force

Excellent ! Quality work and concerned about their customers. Thank you. Very honest.

Anonymous, 06/22/16, via Demand Force

Very observant and noticed my wheel hub was bad when doing work on removing a stuck lug bolt in the van’s wheel.. They noticed it was wobbly and that my tires were worn improperly. I thought it needed an alignment but they noticed it wasn’t that at all. Did excellent work too.

Kathy Garcia, 06/20/16, via Demand Force

I was,very pleased with the service that I received. Dropped my car off and was fixed that same day. Kathy

Anonymous, 06/18/16, via Demand Force

Roy thoroughly explained the problems with my van and answered all my questions. His customer service was friendly and professional. I have taken my vehicles to Jeffrey’s several times and this has been my experience regardless of who I spoke to. I drove away with the peace of mind that the problems were taken care of, and the van was running great. They have earned my trust and I would recommend them to anyone!

Brad Cannon, 06/17/16, via Demand Force

Very thorough excellent customer service.

Kaleb, 06/16/16, via Google+

Great customer service and quality! The Mechanic there named Roy was very professional and Knowledgeable and was able to trouble shoot what was going on with my vehicle. ..friendly atmosphere inside ๐Ÿ™‚ everyone seemed to get along and they also provide coffee while you wait, I would recommend this place to all who are in range and looking for reliable friendly service ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous, 06/16/16, via Demand Force

Was recommended to me by a tire dealer. Took my vehicle in for an alignment. Was told it would take about an hour. Work completed in less than an hour and the price was very reasonable, far better than the GMC dealership that I normally do business with. Would go back again.

Tony Schaefer, 06/15/16, via Demand Force

I was grateful for the customer service I received at Jeffrey’s. I went to the shop thinking I was going to need to get new brake pads after I was told from the dealer that they needed to be changed. I was shown how much pad was left on the front and rear brakes and that new ones were not required at this time. I appreciated the time and attention I received and will be back when more work is needed on our car.

Katherine Norman, 06/12/16, via Demand Force

Friendly and quick service!

Gary Whitaker, 06/11/16, via Demand Force

Quick service and courteous

Michael Harrison, 06/11/16, via Demand Force

They did what they said they’d do; charged what they said they’d charge and did it all in much less time than they said it would take – all good things.

Anonymous, 06/11/16, via Demand Force

Excellent service. They have never pushed me to do additional work that didn’t need to be done. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Gary Bowker, 06/10/16, via Demand Force

Work done well and on time as usual

John Cummings, 06/10/16, via Demand Force

Very good service

Jane Wittman, 06/09/16, via Demand Force

Straight forward and honest. Didn’t push or try to sell me something I didn’t need. Mechanic showed me the issue and suggested the best solution. Pricing was fair. Service was timely and personnel were experienced and trustworthy, professional but approachable.

Randy Doyle, 06/09/16

Thank you for helping ease our minds, on the road back to Colorado, by checking to make sure the warning lights on our van were nothing serious!! Your kindness and customer service is very appreciated. May your business and families continue to be blessed for many years to come!

Lori Homer, 06/09/16, via Demand Force

Excellent. As always, fair, professional and good service.

Pamela Driver, 06/08/16, via Demand Force

Jeffrey’s treated me very well. They gave me an estimate quickly and I had good communication with them by phone and by email. I think they care about their customers and I would definitely recommend them to others.

Mike Hilton, 06/08/16, via Demand Force

Love going to Jeffrey’s. They are always quick to get you in and out.

Donna Cruz, 06/07/16, via Demand Force

Jeffrey’s is the best! We’ve been a customer for several years and have been happy with every experience.

Anonymous, 06/01/16, via Demand Force

Work was accomplished rather quickly. Quicker than quoted. Not bad when you’re waiting!

Steven Reynolds, 05/31/16, via Google+

They did a great job on my 1994 Plymoth Grand Voyager van and it still runs today. Replaced the hub assembly and fixed the alternator. I have told all my friends about this place and they take their cars and trucks there now. I refuse to go anyplace else.

Tim Ferrell, 05/25/16, via Demand Force

superior service, fast and freindly!!!

Rachel Hawkes, 05/24/16, via Demand Force

Awesome knowledge filled service. Honest and reliable

Anonymous, 05/24/16, via Demand Force

in and out, no muss no fuss; done right keeping the ’08 running

Steven Bridges, 05/24/16, via Demand Force

is my 2nd time buying custom exhaust from Jeffrey’s and I am completely satisfied. They do great work at a great price.

Tammie Miller, 05/23/16, via Demand Force

I like the courtesy and they done a great job on my car will go back it’s a little pricey but you get what you pay for thanks to a good group of mechanics keep up the good work

Amy Barranco, 05/16/16, via Demand Force

Michael and Stephen are honest and friendly. We can trust them to take care of our vehicles.

Anonymous, 05/14/16, via Demand Force

They are prompt and honest people. Very happy with service! Thank you for your faith..without faith, there’s no works!!! Good bless you all!

Weldon Rowan, 05/13/16, via Demand Force

I have used Jeffrey’s Automotive for years for a number of vehicles. My kids also go there for their mechanical work. Jeffrey’s is honest, reliable, and capable. They do only the work that is needed, and give accurate estimates of work that is recommended but can be delayed. They do quality work at a fair price.

Luis Huertas, 05/11/16, via Demand Force

The job was done fast and efficiently! Keep up the good work.

Judy Hintz, 05/10/16, via Demand Force

They do the work that needs to be done without adding money making extras. Great job!!!!

Billy & Trina Dunn, 05/08/16, via Demand Force

just plain great.

Susan Julier, 05/07/16, via Demand Force

As a “walk-in” I expected to have to wait a long while for service, being used to going to dealerships for service, but that was not the case. Friendly and very efficient staff. Originally recommended by Discount Tire for a wheel alignment, I now use them for all my mechanical needs.

Del Schutz. 05/05/16, via Demand Force

The customer service is outstanding. The entire staff is extremely polite, and professional. I can’t say enough about my service tech who helped me with my visit. Thanks Again, Del Schutz

Cheryl Bowden, 05/04/16, via Demand Force

While there was difficulty with getting the repair done, Jeffery’s did research with GM and found the solution

Matt Hill, 05/04/16, via Demand Force

They diagnosed my problem quick and kept me up to date with phone calls on my progress I felt like I was never wondering what was going on with my truck and Michael’s customer service was phenomenal and I’ll definitely be going back to them for all my diesel needs

Linda Akins, 04/29/16, via Demand Force

The usual quick, efficient service. Kept informed of work. Always satisfied with Jeffrey’s work and customer care.

Frank Alvarado, 04/27/16, via Demand Force

The service was super fast and the people did a good job of explaining , what the cost and what the repairs

Jo- Len Shumski, 04/26/16, via Demand Force

I love the fact that when the guys find something wrong, such as the fact that I had a brake light out the fixed it for my and I passed my safety inspection with out an issue Thanks for taking such good care of my car and me

Norman Borge, 04/26/16, via Demand Force

Simply excellent. Enough said.

David and Cindy Motsinger, 04/23/16, via Demand Force

good service just repair what needs it

Charles Linville, 04/22/16, via Google+

I have had my car at Jeffrey’s a few times now and dealt with Roy. Excellent service and prices in my experiences with this shop.

Nancy W., 04/20/16, Fort Worth, via Yelp

My last experience with Jeffrey’s was what I would describe as “above & beyond”! They went so out of their way to accommodate me and see that my repair was completed the same day. I truly depend on them and they’ve never let me down!!!

Laura G., 04/19/16, Keller, via Yelp

Dealt with Danny today to have my battery checked that AAA installed in December since it had died twice on my boys. Told me it should good and the electrical system checked out okay. Great to have peace of mind.

Clint Smith, 04/18/16, via Google+

The folks at Jeffery’s really helped me out. I had them install a mid pipe on my exhaust for me since I didn’t have a lift. Many places would have turned me away since I didn’t buy the part through them at an inflated rate. Not only did they install it for me, but they did it for about half the price it was going to cost me to go buy a jack that would lift my car up high enough for me to do it myself. All in all, they saved me money, they saved me elbow grease, and they saved me patience by taking the job and not making me call around the metroplex looking for someone to install a part that no shop would have been able to get anyway. Thanks again, Jeffery’s. I’ll be using you again in the future, and sending everyone I know there.

Dillon Hall, 04/15/16, via Demand Force

Great service! Very friendly!

Anonymous, 04/15/16, via Demand Force

When i called to set up appointment they were so helpful and answered all my questions…and I didn’t have to wait long plus they had coffee !!

Mark Gordon, 04/15/16, via Google+

Great service and everyone there is very polite. The best thing about Jeffery’s is I trust them. For me that is huge, I have gotten to know the people there and I know they will shoot straight with me. Good people and fair, honest pricing. For me that is all you can ask.

Paula Morris, 04/15/16, via Demand Force

I brought my Mercedes in late afternoon and they were able to diagnose, fix, and have it back by 5:30p the same day! Rates were much lower than I expected and am extremely satisfied with the service. Would definately recommend Jeffrey’s in the future and will be using them going forward! Great job Jeffrey’s!

Tim Goyne, 04/13/16, via Demand Force

Great job everyone

ya’ll rock

Clint Smith, 04/12/16, via Demand Force

The folks at Jeffery’s are great. The helped me a lot by installing my mid-pipe on my exhaust for me since I didn’t have a good jack that would lift the car up high enough. The work was done fast and they probably could have charged me more money than they did(they did it for cheaper than what a new jack would have cost me, not to mention all the elbow grease). Some mechanic’s shops won’t install parts you didn’t buy from them at an inflated rate. I didn’t run into that nonsense here, and because of that they’ve gained a customer for life.

Charles Goddard, 04/12/16, via Demand Force

Excellent service reasonable price

Anonymous, 04/12/16, via Demand Force

Truck alignment was performed in less than 45 minutes at a very reasonable price. Thanks for an all-around excellent experience.

Louis Ybarra, 04/09/16, via Demand Force

Did well.

David Webb, 04/09/16, via Demand Force

I took my wife’s Enclave in to be checked out after she hit a curb. It needed a new rack & pinion steering assembly, front struts, back shocks & a power steering pump. They gave me a quote. I checked with the dealer we bought it from for their quote. My father-in-law does a lot of business with the dealership & they gave us a lower quote so we took the car there. When I went in to pick up my wife’s car Jeffrey’s did not charge me anything for checking out her car. I was impressed that they didn’t charge me anything. Thanks, Jeffrey’s.

Charles and Regina Edge, 04/06/16, via Demand Force

An auto company with integrity. Honest work and fair pricing. As a female who has to deal with the service issues for our family vehicles I have always felt valued as a customer at Jeffrey’s Automotive.

Anonymous, 04/02/16, via Demand Force

I was treated very well. They made sure my car was in tip top shape and safe for me to drive before I left. The man that helped, Roy, took me to the back and showed me what need to be done. I was very pleased with with him and the work done.

Anonymous, 03/31/16, via Demand Force

They not only got the job done, but they fit me in – even though I had missed them the previous day.

Anonymous, 03/30/16, via Demand Force

My car was broken beyond what Jeffrey’s was willing to repair. They explained their position and apologized that they would be unable to fix my car. They did not charge me for the diagnostic because there was nothing they could do. I purchased a new car last night and will continue to take my cars there if any other problems come up.

Anonymous, 03/28/16, via Demand Force

They are always professional, and they do a great job taking care of my truck! So glad that I have found a trustworthy auto place that won’t break the bank.

Billy Dunn, 03/27/16, via Demand Force

Great service

Anonymous, 03/23/16, via Demand Force

Jeffrey’s is the only shop I would trust with my car

Anna Powell, 03/22/16, via Demand Force

The service was great! the problem with my work van was explained & written in great detail the service tech answered all questions and showed me all broken parts. I would would recommend to a friend.

Lynn Byars, 03/21/16, via Demand Force

cant say enough about these guys. absolute quality throughout our entire experience . the gentlemen that helped us ,tony and andy, are really on top of things over there. it was so very affordable. thanks again and god bless.

Glen South, 03/18/16, via Demand Force

Very happy with my visit. Danny was very helpful and fair with the cost of the repair. Only negative was having to return my Jeep to complete the repair that should have been done the first visit. I would recommend Jefferys to anyone.

Cathy Haynes, 03/16/16, via Demand Force

I came in last week because I had just discovered my taillight was out and needed the bulb changed. I went in around 4 and they took care of it within a few short minutes! That’s great customer service!!! I appreciate that they didn’t have me waiting around an hour or more to help me. Thank you guys!!!

Anonymous, 03/12/16, via Demand Force

I called for an appointment and got in the same day. I only needed an oil change but I was really just settling down for a good read and my car was ready to go. No one was wasting time getting the job done. That is priceless to me.

Al Cardenes, 03/11/16, via Demand Force

Outstanding customer service and professional care.

Dan Morris, 03/09/16, via Facebook and Yelp

Two days ago I took my 08 GMC Sierra in to Jeffrey’s for some suspension work. My service writer was Danny and I was very impressed with his level of customer service. He called when he said he was going to and updated me regularly giving realistic time frames for the repair. When I went to pick it up (I was early because my wife had to go to work) I had the opportunity to observe a level of customer service seldom seen at an auto repair facility. Counter staff were well dressed and groomed and extremely courteous to everyone who came in and those on the phone. They also offered several people the opportunity to take them back into the garage area and show them exactly what was wrong with their vehicle before starting work. This is not common for most places. As far as the work I had done, I’m very happy with it. My truck drives like new and doesn’t rattle my teeth out of my head when I cross a railroad track. I’ve got some other stuff I need done to it as well, and will be returning. Prices were very fair, but the level of customer service took the sting out of that bill.

The facility is clean and quiet (no air ratchets going off in the background while surfing on my phone). I almost could have taken a nap. They have free wi-fi, Keurig coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and a vending machine out front for sodas if you have to wait on your vehicle. There is a Starbucks .03 miles up 377 if you’re feeling adventurous and want to walk up there while you wait. The decor of the waiting area is a little dated, but very clean and comfortable enough with cushioned chairs and a couple of tables if you wanted/needed to bring in a laptop or tablet and spread out. This is a Christian family business that are also big hunters, and their walls prove it. Which I admired greatly. They love their veteran customers as well.

These guys do every level of maintenance a car needs except tires. They will refer you to Discount Tire for those, which I have also found to be the best deal around. This business is not a quick turn oil change facility. They have 30 something bays with up to date diagnostic and maintenance equipment and are certified to do both warranty and extended warranty work. If you want it done right without being up sold on a bunch of other things you don’t need, then I highly recommend. I’ll be using them for my maintenance needs from here on out.

Perry Shultz, 03/08/16, via Demand Force

We made an appointment to drop off our van for an oil change, inspection, and brake job. All was done well, and within a few hours of dropping it off, we were able to take a comfortable drive to southwest Texas to pick up our granddaughters.

Anonymous, 03/04/16, via Demand Force

Danny was most helpful to my niece and gave her good advice about her car.

Gary Bowker, 02/27/16, via Demand Force

All work done very well and within promised time frame

Alexander Isokrari, 02/26/16, via Demand Force

Great customer service and honest analysis

Gayla Horner, 02/25/16, via Demand Force

I called at the last minute for an oil change & inspection. There was no hesitation to work us in.

Sean Noble, 02/25/16, via Demand Force

Good communication overall. Knowledgeable and explained systems when I asked relevancy. for the first experience it was very impressive, I will be back for sure.

Ann Lacy, 02/24/16, via Demand Force

I always rely on Jeffrey’s. This was a scheduled oil change. Completely on time, little wait and back to my day.

Anonymous, 02/23/16, via Demand Force

As always fast and professional.

Brad Hanson, 02/22/16, via Demand Force

Good service.

Anonymous, 02/20/16, via Demand Force

Great service! Very friendly and competent staff. Service was fast. My car is running like brand new now! I will definitely return in the future.

Anonymous, 02/20/16, via Demand Force

Andy my customer Service rep was wonderful. I was in and out within an hour even though they appeared to be extremely busy. Great service!

Craig Schmidt, 02/12/16, via Demand Force

Completely professional!

Anonymous, 02/09/16, via Demand Force

Good work and customer service as always. Appreciated being able to schedule my oil change appointment and it was completed in a timely manner while I waited.

Phillip Ash, 02/06/16, via Demand Force

I was very pleased with the promptness of service and the clarity of explanation of the services performed, The amenities (coffee, wifi, non-abrasive music, etc) while waiting were much appreciated as well.

Norman Borge, 02/06/16, via Demand Force

Excellent service.

Judy Whitmire, 02/04/16, via Demand Force

Always prompt and courteous. They treat me like I’m important to them.

Carol Wood, 02/04/16, via Demand Force

Everyone was wonderful, and very helpful.

Daryl Janzen, 02/03/16, via Demand Force

Once again I was very pleased with my repair experience, work was done in a timely manor and I was suprised that they could have charged me more for repairs that where not necessary at this time but instead advised me that more service life was still left on key brake components. Great job Andy!

Anonymous, 01/30/16, via Demand Force

Very friendly, knowledgeable, and fast. They explained everything before making the necessary repairs. The price was more than fair. I will continue to bring all of my service needs to Jeffrey’s.

Anonymous, 01/29/16, via Demand Force

I needed an alignment and got one done in a timely manner. I made an appointment online, which was very easy to do. I was provided with a sheet showing my alignment numbers for my records. Friendly, helpful staff!

JJ Moore, 01/26/16, via Google+

Have used Jeffrey’s for years now and couldn’t be happier! Wonderful team of people who do it right and have reasonable prices. I live in south Fort Worth and I will continue to brave the traffic to take my vehicles to Jeffrey’s Automotive on the north side of Fort Worth, and considering I live less than 10 minutes from a dealer that is saying something. Try them and you won’t be disappointed.

Ann Hall, 01/26/16, via Demand Force

The thing I like most about Jeffrey’s is that instead of trying to sell you more services, the service reps listen to your concerns and offer alternative possibilities and/or solutions to perceived problems.

Seth Sanderson, 01/25/16, via Google +

Great service, quick and affordable, will continue to bring my vehicles to these guys for everything from oil changes to engine overhauls

Dave Shealy, 01/21/16, via Demand Force

They are good people to deal with

Cyndi S. 01/20/16, via Google+

Reliable Service, Friendly Customer Care
I have been a JA customer for several years. When I hear of anyone asking about needing a great mechanic, Jeffrey’s Auto comes to my mind first. Go check them out, you’ll see why! Fun, friendly atmosphere.
Bonus: I like that I can call ahead & schedule an appointment! Love it!

Pamela Hernandez, 01/20/16, via Google+

Nice, fast, professional staff with good pricing. I’ve used them twice now and will be making them my car maintenance to go guys. Highly recommend them for your routine maintenance and vehicle troubles.

Zachary Maddox, 01/20/16, via Demand Force

To begin with, the services you DO offer are always done well and I leave feeling confident that my car has been taken care of by an experienced mechanic/technician. The 45 minute drive to get to you is worth it, even for something as simple as an oil change. With the large facility that you have, there seems to be many things you do not do. New tires? New rims? Exterior lighting (standard to HID/LED) upgrade? Interior bulb replacement? Minor body mods? TPS replacement/repair? Granted these may be more “mods” then repairs, but since there is NO reputable place to have anything like this done, maybe this would be a business opportunity for you expand into? I’m not a mechanic, so there may be so much more to this… so please, take this as an overall positive review with just a tiny bit of inquiry/suggestion. Thanks!

Anonymous, 01/19/16, via Demand Force


Shawn Frye, 01/19/16, via Demand Force

Great service and saved me money!

Alex Cook , 01/19/16, via Demand Force

Was recommended to Jeffrey’s by another shop that lacked the tools to do the alignment on my BMW. As a walk in I did not expect to have my alignment done the same day especially after seeing the amount of people waiting when I arrived. Surprisingly I was given a 2pm appointment that very day. I did end up waiting almost 2 hours as the Car on the lift when I got there wasn’t done yet but it’s a small price to pay for same day service. These guys were busy during the day on a Monday so my suggestion is plan and schedule an appointment accordingly. They were very thorough and knowledgeable and did very good work at a very reasonable price. Would recommend for the quality of their work.

Rene Hall, 01/14/16, via Demand Force

I went to Jeffrey’s Automotive to have my muffler installed . Took me a week to get my car to them because of my busy schedule I was calling Roy several times he took care of everything went in first thing Wednesday morning drop my Jeep off they where done quick . The one that done the work on my vehicle seen that my tail pipe was bent , he took care of that for me . Great service , Great people , Good prices .

Charles Goddard, 01/14/16, via Demand Force

Great turn around time. Excellent consumer service.

Karen Sumner, 01/12/16, via Demand Force

I really enjoy taking my car to Jeffrey’s. The office and waiting room are spacious and clean. I love the Christian music that plays! The techs who wait on you are polite, honest and clean. They treat you with respect. They are reasonably priced too!

Susan Wigen, 01/12/16, via Demand Force

They took care of you as quickly as possible and did great

Kala Barber, 01/12/16, via Demand Force

The guys at Jeffrey’s Automotive were superb! They were all super nice, respectful, and all in a good mood. I got an honest vibe from them and didn’t feel as if they were the rip off type. I would definitely go back and would recommend them to anyone.

Gale Horn, 01/10/16, via Demand Force

You all are great and wonderful!

Cassidy Bonse, 01/08/16, via Facebook

My lil one and I drove from Denver, CO a few days ago to Texas. On our way to Granbury, TX I thought I had a flat tire an pulled into the Discount Tire located at 1492 W Pipeline Rd, Hurst, TX 76053. There ร was informed that it was no flat tire that I had; but that I was lucky to have made it into the store because my wheel was missing 3 studs and was being held on by only 2 studs (which is terrible)! They referred me to a automotive shop Jeffrey’s Automotive Repair 5913 Denton Hwy, Watauga, TX 76148 who could take care of the wheel studs.
Once I arrived at Jeffrey’s I found out that the nice guys at Discount had already spoken with a gentleman named Andy. He knew my whole story and was going to get my car in right away and taken care of! After finding out that it was a bit more then just the wheel studs they kept my vehicle overnight and completed the work the next morning to assure that my vehicle was safe and secure for me and my lil one.
Thank you Andy, and the guys at Discount Tire, for going out of yรกlls way to make sure that my lil one and I were safe and secure on our way back to Colorado and for being just down right Awesome!

Stan Hoover, 01/08/16, via Facebook

Just picked up my 65 Chev from these guys. Got my new exhaust put in with Manaflow 50’s. Sounds great and Fernando did an excellent job. My thanks to my service advisor, Roy Whittington for his help with this. I highly recommend them.

Dave and Lizzie Baker, 01/08/16, via Demand Force

The best service in town! I like that they keep you informed of whats going on with your vehicle and give estimates on how much items will cost before they add them Real professional guys and service Will always return for value and great work Thanks again Jeffreys.

Judy Christian, 01/08/16, via Demand Force

Love the honesty and integrity

David Flores, 01/08/16, via Demand Force

As always Jeffrey’s provided quality service. Michael addressed my alignment issue, covered the before and after analysis, and I was able to use apply a coupon to save me money as well! Afterwards my truck still pulled slightly to one side and Michael advised me to go to discount and have my tires looked at. Sure enough my tires were out of balance and due for a rotation. That fixed the problem. Michael owned the problem and guided me through to a resolution. I’m always happy with the service I received and I will continue to bring all of my vehicles here for maintenance and repair.

Doug Wood, 01/07/16, via Demand Force

I trust the people at Jeffrey’s Auto. That pretty much says it all.

Dave Shealy, 01/05/16, via Demand Force

my experience with Jeffrey is alway good fast turn around time and excellent service at a fair price

Sarah Landstom, 01/04/16

Very friendly and explained everything that needed to be done. Service was great I have already recommended you to others.